Just 3 steps to get an all-expenses paid trip across the world!!

When I told people I was travelling overseas, some people actually asked ‘How?’

We’ve been a family with one wage and 6 mouths to feed and a clanking washing machine that really needs replacing for much longer than the neighbours would like….

How can Kelly afford to go anywhere??


More importantly - How can I do the same??


And so, here’s how you too can go across the world!  


Step one: Create an amazing blog, that ROCKS!

I cheated on this one, as ‘The Imperfect Mum’ is Kristy Vallely’s creation.

If you don’t have the guts to start a blog, find a creative friend who does! Thanks Kristy!


Step two: Get lots of numbers on your blog!

I went on this trip with some REAL superstars. There were 5 of us from around the world who were chosen and they were all so unique yet so amazing.

Jamie Lynne Grumet - Who found a platypus at Luna-Da Childrens Museum (www.iamnotthebabysitter.com)
Jill Krause - Wrestling Crocs in Tel Aviv (www.babyrabies.com)
Janessa Solem - Following Jesus in Jerusalem (www.thriftyniftymommy.com)

Step three: Wait for Vibe Israel to contact you! (…or be active! Contact them!)


Vibe Israel is an organisation, from Israel, who have a massive heart for Israel and her people.

This less than 3 minute video here shows why they paid for us bloggers to go to Israel.

They’re on facebook! Send them a message!

BUT - Here’s my problem….

In return for this trip that has ROCKED my world – all Vibe Israel have asked of me is 3 blog posts…

….and to be honest (because I like honest) I have STRUGGLED!  


It's NOT because Israel doesn’t have so much to write about! The other bloggers have done some FANTASTIC posts about Israel!

How Israel is an experience for all 5 senses - Places you can go in Israel with children - An afternoon with an Israeli mother in pictures


It's NOT because I have no content! We went to SO many places and did SO much. Come on, 5 mums – no kids = FREEDOM! We were unstoppable….

Literally!! (no Jamie – I won’t go to town with you! Go to sleep!)


It’s because, as I’ve shared before, my gift is to help people.

Here at the Imperfect Mum, we’re all about helping and lifting and encouraging - and I've decided I want to do this for Israel too.


A lot of media have been digging for dirt and gossiping about Israel for far too long!! ‘The Imperfect Mum’ team can’t stand it when people only focus on past negatives!

And so – I’ve written these blogs to help. To help you and Israel! To show you a side of her you may not have seen or experienced before.... 

Could you help me? Pretty please?

We LOVE conversation here at ‘The Imperfect Mum’ – Please do share your thoughts / views / previous thoughts on Israel / Questions etc - Go on! You can comment anonymously too remember! 

I could talk about Israel for hours… (I have!)

Hope you enjoy the journey! Wish I could take you all over there! 


Thanks to our photographer - Shani Sadicario who took any of the fantastic photos above with the Vibe Israel logo on them. Her facebook site is here and has some AMAZING photos on it! x


I'd love to show you more of Israel - just click the links below! 


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Kelly has been enjoying volunteering on The Imperfect Mum page for years now, scheduling questions and working behind the scenes with the forever growing inbox!

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Amanda Cottingham

It was such a pleasure meeting you Kelly. My only question is...when do we get to do it all over again? Amanda