Meet Your Fellow Sista - Kristin Wall

Meet your fellow Sista - Kristin Wall, Kristin also wrote this post on Monday.  Kristen and I have become quite good friends, I think she’s a hoot! - You will too.

I’m a Melbourne girl, only child to an AMAZING mum who did it solo.  Back when I was in Primary School (1980)

I was the only child from a ‘divorced’ situation, seems strange looking back on that era compared to now!

Mum & I are very close, we’re different people on so many levels, but she’s my mum & the only one I’ve got!  I was raised a Catholic but mum exposed me to an array of Eastern philosophies in my teenage years to broaden the vision - I Iearnt alot about the theories of creative visualisation & the laws of attraction.

I met the love of my life at 22 - some 16 years ago. The man is an angel, no a saint - actually I think they’ll canonise him one day!

We are very different, he’s from the country, I’m from the city but he’s got a sensitivity to him that rivals the dalai lama at times! I can be a pain in the rear - I admit, he laughs, he calms, he motivates and walks the talk.

I don’t tell him I love him nearly enough, so there you go, a public proclamation! We now have two amazing little lads, William 3.5years & Thomas 18months.

They are cheeky, they are lively, they test me and my patience and my breach my organisational code, but they are my babies & the absolute soul of my being.  A psychic once foretold of ‘three children’ for me, not on the agenda but I guess you never know.

Since parenthood, life has changed, but for the better! I sometimes think that my early days were the dress rehearsal to the main performance - being a parent.  I get to impart all my wisdom (he he) to this new breed of little people and get to be part of the sequel to my life story with them.

It’s bought a whole lot more worry into the equation though, things I had never had to worry about before;  stranger danger, diseases, foods, environment, educational requirements and so on and so on…. !

I spend nights worrying about the future, will they be good at school, make friends, be safe, be careful, be happy, be healthy,   make good choices… the usual protective side of us mums. The furrows are etched in my forehead to prove it.

I have some incredible friends that I have known since we were early teenagers - they are the girls who are like my sisters, we are different, we don’t live in each others pockets, but we are always there for one another, even if we are sending random texts to each other at odd hours reminding them of ridiculous things that happened.

20 years ago - they are my foundation and my grounding force! 

Prior to children, I worked my proverbial butt off. I studied hard and have one major goal to reach before I’m 40 - to finish my PostGrad study and finally get this damn MBA!  Since being a mum, I have started a business which is gruelling as self promotion can be a shameless activity.

Life is far from perfect, but I have come to realise that perfection is not what I really want anymore, there’s a certain buzz and kick I get out of solving a problem and overcoming an obstacle (and by god there’s many these days), maybe it’s getting older and more comfortable with who I am.

For fun, I have created a Facebook page for lovers of cake called “Fifty Shades of Cake”.  I can credit the beautiful Kristy Vallely for her experience in doing this, it’s a forum for lovers of cake to share share share… I have put on 2.3 kilos since the page started!

I am proud to say that I have imperfections! Perhaps the list is too exhaustive for this page, some self confessed & verified, some unveiled by others - but here they are, they’re real and it’s what makes me, well me:

I am somewhat quick to evaluate, I can be impetuous, I seize the moment a little too often and bite off more than I can chew, I have let my 18month old have McDonalds on more than one occasion.

I can be a bit black & white (working on that one), I stare at my thighs every time I eat cake as I seem to think the fat transfers there within seconds, I often eat dessert before my main meal, my 3 year old often has more than the prescribed amount of ‘screen time’, I love organised chaos, I forget to pay parking fines, I don’t always cleanse/tone/moisturise.

I did drink champagne during my pregnancy (one or two cheeky glasses) and colour my hair. I have fed my cats cheeseburgers,  I can be over sensitive, I can over think.

I can sweat the small stuff to the point of perspiration, I can be dramatic…. the list does go on, but hey we’re not here for a therapy session!

Live for today, yesterday is tomorrow’s lesson - love hard, work hard, be kind and eat cake…XXX




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