Kelly’s emotional week….

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a week for me – coming to a real climax today…

Last weekend, I was blessed to be in Melbourne for a book release. It was my first time flying to Melbourne and the time spent with family was precious.

The book that was released is titled ‘Heartbreakingly Beautiful’ which is the perfect description! It is ’52 week devotional journey of hope, inspired by the life of Bethany Wake’

Beautiful Bethany passed away at the young age of 15 from an aggressive brain cancer in 2011.


The book itself was Bethany’s idea to her mum and is a collection of reflections from shared journals Bethany and her mum kept during her extreme year long trial. (You can read more about Bethany here)

I was blessed to be able to stay with Bethany’s family for the release and to help out on the night also. It was a privilege to be able to be a small part of something so beautiful.

But, it was also a big hit of reality for me too, being with the people left behind, who still miss their daughter / sister / niece / granddaughter and friend so very much.

Some of them are still asking God why and wanting answers and I found myself this week asking these questions too.

And when you have so much faith in God, who you know can heal even this, and He doesn’t, it hurts.

I know God does answer prayer, but not always with the answers we want.

And yet, this family still continue to shine, reaching out to so many in their own painful trials and sharing the Hope they have found.

To me, that is a miracle.

As most people would know, today is Easter Sunday, which is a day where I and many other people spend remembering Christ conquering death.

Today, March 31st 2013, would of also been Bethany’s 18th birthday.

I believe God did this on purpose. To remind me on such a trying day, there is Hope. Hope in Him.

On hard days, it is what keeps me going…

Happy Easter to you and your family too. May you find that deep Peace that passing all understanding :-) 


P.S – Bethany wanted to be a midwife to help women in poorer communities who suffer from obstetric fistula - fistula happens when the baby's head puts too much pressure on the mother's maternal tissues, cutting the supply of blood. The tissue dies and leaves a hole, or fistula, which causes urine and faeces to leak uncontrollably. (you can read more about obstetric fistula here) All profits from her book will be continuing to help these women.

Her legacy lives on… She is helping these women still… *Joy*

I have 3 copies of ‘Heartbreakingly Beautiful’ I’d love to donate to anyone who may need to hear a story of Hope in any difficult time they may be going through. Please message Kelly through ‘The Imperfect Mum’ Facebook page and I would love to send you a copy x




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Kelly De Vries

Thanks to those who wrote in for a copy. I already have my 3 people, but will hopefully have a few more copies to send out soon... xKelly

Happy Parenting

Thank you for sharing IM you have a very special and kind way in all that you tackle!

Kelly De Vries

Aww, thanks Happy Parenting! :-)

Fi @ My Mummy Daze

What a heart-breaking story, Kel! No wonder you're feeling emotional. Lots of love to you xxx Fi

Kelly De Vries

Thanks Fi. Was a really mixed time being there. So wonderful seeing such an inspirational family thriving so well after one of the biggest blows life can throw at you. They are inspirational!! xKelly