5 places I want to take my family!

Since the Vibe Israel Mommies tour - I've dreamed of returning with my family to Israel and the places we would visit. If that happens - these 5 places would be on our to do list for sure! 

Which ones would you take your family to? 

1. A Kibbutz

Israel have these amazing little communities, called a Kibbutz, who make their own produce and live off the land - and often sell the products they make. The Kibbutz we visited specialized in pottery and baked goods. 

Our Vibe Mommies - purchasing goodies!

There are said to be over 200 beautiful Kibbutz communities in Israel. The Kibbutz we visited on the tour was the 'anthroposophical Kibbutz Harduf' - who had several avenues in which they help the community - including a rehabilitation centre for adults with special needs and they also help kids who are waiting for foster families. Beautiful right? 

Each kibbutz is different - but most accept help from tourists who can live on in their communities and volunteer there!

This Kibbutz also had a farm, which I found to be a lot of fun! 

Our photographer Shani getting up close and personal!
My kids would LOVE to feed the animals!
So many chickens!

We also shared a meal, prepared by the very hostpitable and friendly Paula Rosenberg, in the 'Gan HaBait' (Garden Home) on the farm. 


Thank you Paula! x

I would love for my kids to get down to 'grass roots' and see where their food comes from, to experience hand made with love products - and to know they're helping the community while doing so! 

2. The Dead Sea 

Most people who hear of Israel know of the Dead Sea. It's a nice ride through the desert to get there - but it's a must do for any trip to Israel! 

It's called the Dead Sea, because nothing lives in it - due to the salt content being too high! The floor is literally salt! 

The salt is said to be good for your skin - as is the mud!

The location Vibe Israel took us to had no mud, but we were supplied with packets and lathered up before hitting the water...

(In the second week of my time in Israel I did go to a location where the floor was mud - and the salt floor is much nicer!) 

Of course, with there being SO much salt in the water - you don't actually swim - but instead float! 

So much fun! What a great lesson for the kids! (Just don't get it in your eyes or mouth! Eeek! Not very nice tasting at all!!)

3. Children's Museum - Luna Da!  

Another bus ride took us to Beersheeba, to a place I never expected, the Luna-Da Children's museum! SO much fun for my inner child! ha ha! 

This place is HUGE and encourages kids to learn through play. There are so many exhibits for the kids to learn through - just a few of my favourite were: 

Art: Where kids could draw on a wall of famous artworks! They also had activities with colours / self expression / music too! 

Feelings: One of the acitivities in this area was to sit in a room of pictures and talk about how they make you feel. They want kids to learn how to self express - and to use more than the usual happy / sad explanations. So fantastic! 

Movement: From Shooting canons, to bending through lazer rooms - I was moving for sure! These activities really encouraged team work too - which I loved! 

Languages: Our tour guides read out famous speeches with other languages scripted in, or played word games with so many different languages - helping kids to be aware that their language isn't the only one out there. 

Recources: Which taught kids how to handle resources such as time, food, money and objects! 

Plus so much more... 

I also loved that each exhibit comes with 'Did you know?' facts on the wall, and explanation on how the activity is done - and also a suggestion on how the kids may want to use their imaginations on how to do the activity differently. 

A HUGE magnetic wall! How cool is that!

My kids would have so much fun in here - and we could spend hours doing so. Definately a place I would love to take them all! Something for everyone! 

4. Jerusalem 

In the city of Jerusalem - behind a large stone wall - is what is know as 'Old Jerusalem' - full of churches, precious historical places and people from all different places. 

I would love to take my kids here - to explore the stores, see how people worship and meet people you've never met before! 

A few of the higlights for me were the Western wall - where the Jewish community (and they welcome you too!) put their prayers in the wall. 

Apparently they do not destroy these prayers, but a faithful group read and pray each one - and they are buried instead. 

I also enjoyed this store where we watched women working on painting hand made pottery available for sale. 

I spent many hours on the streets of Old Jerusalem - there is just so much to discover! Eating, walking, observing, discovering, learning, watching, exploring....

Standing on original stones from long ago
Eating (yummy!) Ka'ak!
Security checkpoints for safety

Decorative Walls
Fancy Floors
Plenty of things to buy

Smiley People!
Beautiful People!
Kissing People!

I did have an amazing opportunity to FaceTime with my family from a rooftop in the middle of the city. A precious moment I'll never forget! 

My 4 kids, in PJ's in Australia - watching through the screen their mum on a palace roof - seeing the sacred sites in Jerusalem. They all asked to visit! One day I hope.... 

Our Tour Guide Hadara - Teaching my kids in Australia!

Thank you Jerusalem! You are a precious place x 

Always look up!
The sounds were amazing!
Beauty Everywhere to be discovered!


5. Dewan Alsaraya Restaurant :-) 

No, I didn't remember the name - but I will never forget the place! 

In Nazareth, we were taken on a tour of the city by a friendly guy called Ameer Hassan. (Thanks Ameer!) 

He showed us spice shops, photography studios, graveyards and many other interesting places in Nazareth!

But my favourite place was the Dewan Alsaraya Resturant.

This was a small but beauty filled store - full of ancient collectors items and history. There was so much to look at and explore! 

I think it was the owner who stole my heart though (hopefully Ameer can write his name in the comments for us because I did not collect it!) as he shared about unity, working together across diversity and preserving traditions (or something along those lines - he spoke quickly in a different language at this time but someone translated it for us)

You could tell by his expressions how sincere he was though and it was a moving moment. 

He also cooked up for us one of the most amazing foods I have ever tasted! Called Katayef - they are little pancake like bundles of yum, covered in sugary yum - and just really YUM! 

I tried some again in Old Jerusalem - but they just did not compare to this version and family recipe - and so - I must bring my children here one day myself! 

Thank you so much for your food, hospitality and for sharing with us your heart - much appreciated! 


So they are the 5 places I am looking forward to showing my family when we all make it back to Israel! *fingers crossed*  

Any places you'd like to know more about? Have you been to Israel and have a favourite palce you'd like to share with us?

Happy to answer any questions below! 

Photo Credit

I took a lot of the photos on this post - but the fantastic photos were probably taken by our photographer Shani Sadicario - click here for her facebook site! (and more photos!) 

The photos in Jerusalem with me in them were taken by the lovely ladies - Ira Khrakovsky- Dotan, Dina Alfasi, Tamar Arava. Thanks girls! 

Want more of Israel? Just click the links! 


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