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We have recently decided to try for our second baby. I stopped the pill beginning of October and so far, no periods. On the day that my period where “supposed” to come (based on the pill) I had my “usual” cramps that usually announce my period are starting. But … nothing. Around 3 weeks ago I...
I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant with #3 and experiencing these weird chest palpitations/thumps. I have OF COURSE spoken to my obgyn and midwife but when the halti monitor is put on me- they disappear. I had them for 4 weeks when I was 14 weeks, and I’ve had them for the same now. It doesn’t feel...
I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and am really struggling with which decision to make in terms of delivery of our baby. Small backstory - First born 7 years ago, natural, 5 hours active labour 1 hour pushing. Second born, 4 years ago, emergency c-section, we were rushed to the major city in our...
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