Mirena pros and cons? (FAQ)

This is a FAQ post.  These are the most popular answers to a real question asked on The Imperfect Mum.

Talking about the Mirena here as a form of contraception. Did you have side effects? Love it or not?

K: I had this put in after my third was born (nearly 8 years ago) I had heavy bleeding for 6 months after and this was my doctors idea… I must admit it has been the best for me. I don’t get my monthly bleed anymore, actually maybe once a year. The marina reduces the hormone that releases the egg and build up each month. I don’t get mood swings anymore. There is no problem during exercise or sex, if it is inserted correctly. But it is different for everyone. My friend had it done and didn’t like it. If you have it done, give it a few months to settle, you can always have it removed. Good luck with your decision.

K: We simply went with “no glove, no love” lol. Not taking any chances with our two girls 19 months apart! Hubby’s actually looking at a vasectomy in the future coz why should us women always be the ones putting stuff into our bodies. I had a really bad experience with the depo injections and still breastfeeding so can’t use the pill yet. Good luck. Maybe do some research and make an educated choice. What works for one, may not work for you

S: I had the mirena put in and loved it. I didnt even notice it was in. I had to get it taken out due to a seperate medical reason, but cannot wait to get it back in. It was painless to get put in, and I had no problems with it.. I am PRO mirena!

M: Dr. Oz had some gynaecologists on it the other day who were all discussing the merina, and the benefits seem so much better than anything else out there on the market.. Jump online and do some of your own research.. Wish I had done that instead of getting my tubes tied!!

J: I had a mirena put in after my second baby (when the doctor said I was too young to have my tubes tied) and you definitely can’t feel it. Its very small and you wouldn’t know its there. My side effects was a nearly constant period for the first 3-4mths. Now I don’t get periods, only random spotting here and there. Its something that is a bit of a saga at first but is very good once your body adjusts to it.

T: I have had the Mirena for 2 yrs now and it is awesome! Light periods, if any at all! I had mine put in after my second bub. And you cant feel it and neither can he. I have only had slight side effects like mild headaches at the start. Now I have nothing!

D: I know a few people who have had it go missing (passes through the uterus) and have gotten pregnant as a result. Personally I would stay away from it.

R: I investigated getting merina after I had my bub on the advice of the hospital obs and my GP. I went off to the gyno to get it and she talked me out of it. She said that she only recommends it for women who are finished having babies due to the potential side effects (infection of the Fallopian tubes). I’m happy I didn’t go there.

C: Nope can’t feel it. Ive never heard anything negative about it. I’ve never had a problem at all. it’s fantastic!! (the only uncomfortable thing was getting it in :-/) but not that bad

R: I would just use condoms. As effective as the other methods if used correctly and no side effects. It’s all I’ve used and have only ever had 3 planned pregnancies

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