School lunch ideas? (FAQ)

This is a FAQ post.  These are the most popular answers to a real question asked on The Imperfect Mum. 

Looking for some new ideas to jazz up the kids lunchboxes for school! Anyone got some ideas for us? Thanks!


We do carrot/celery stick, cheese cubes, popcorn, wraps, fruit salads, homemade muffins, quiches, savoury muffins, carrot cake/muffins…

Savoury muffins, mini pizza’s made on pita bread or half an english muffin, puff pastry scrolls

I don’t bake, but I buy the big boxes of shapes, bulk biscuits etc and put them into snap seal snack bags. Get so much more for less. Then put in a big snack box in the pantry. The kids know to take a sandwich, popper, yoghurt, and two snacks when packing their lunches

Scrolls baby! Puff pastry, spread with Vegemite, or pesto, or pizza sauce (top that with bacon) grated cheese over the top, brush with egg and bake till puffy and golden!

Try these cookies they are AMAZING.
1x jar unsweetened apple sauce
3x over ripe bananas
1.5 cups oats
Then add any combo of nuts dried fruit ground flax seeds dark choc chips. My fav is almond craisins and choc chips. Dates are good too.
Bake at 180 for 30-45 minutes until very firm. Yummy and full of nutrients. Keep in fridge for ages. Dairy and gluten free

Make your own easiyo yoghurt and purchase squeezems (recyclable packets) packets to put your own yoghurt in! Fruits, sandwiches and rice crackers! Keep it simple!

Pikelets, wraps, popcorn, homemade museli bars/muffins/slices, rice paper rolls, homemade bread for sandwiches use a cookie cutter to make it interesting

Home made LCMS!! 4 cups rice bubbles, 200 grams marshmallows, 50 grams melted butter.
Melt marshmallows and butter together then mix into rice bubbles and set in fridge|

I would love to send stuff like zucchini slice, mini quiches, tuna, fruit and nut bars etc but our school is very strict on no egg, fish or nut products – which narrows my options. I would love to see everyone’s ideas

Celery, capsicum and carrot sticks with home made dip, make your own trail mix of sultanas, shredded coconut, almonds, cranberries, and put it in the little zip lock bags or small containers, instead of a piece of fruit make small fruit salads with 3-4 types of fruit eg, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi fruit.

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Janice McKeaig

Rowena...oats are not gluten free.

Tegan Moscript

Thanks for sharing all your great ideas! Here is a blog post we created to jazz up the boring old wrap and make lunch interesting for your kids :)