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have a 2yr old and I chose to get him circumcised for my own reasons and his father didn’t care either way, which just strengthened my reasons for wanting him done. I am now with a new partner and am due in 3 months to have another boy and have no idea what to do as the reasons I had to get my first son done, I don’t have those doubts or reasons with my new partner. And the only reason I have this time is because my son is done and they will be close in age. What is your opinion on circumcision? Thanks…

If it wasn’t meant to be there they would be born without it

Everyone looks different. Different hair/eyes ect ect.
I’m a believer in medical reasons only. We don’t remove tonsils or appendixes at birth just in case.

110% ALL FOR IT! I got my son done and if I had another, 100% would be getting him done also.
Recently on the news it stated doctors are pushing for people to get it done for many reason. I personally think how do u explain to the younger son why he looks different to his brother?
Also I take into major consideration it’s more easy done at NB then later on. I could go on and on and on on this topic I do realise people don’t agree, but MANY will.

There are a lot of people with one circumcised son, and one intact son. They just tell them they thought it was better, but then learned it wasn’t needed.
I have a circumcised son, he has a loose circumcision, and any future boys will be left whole. I have already apologized to my son, and told him we did it because other people said it was healthier and necessary, but then we learned differently.

I had my son done at 4 weeks old. They put 2 lots of numbing cream and you’re not allowed to be in the room they bring them out to you straight after. You wouldn’t have known that he had it done it didn’t bother him at all.
I know work colleagues who are getting their sons done at age 7 due to infection complications. I personally would keep them the same! Good luck.

I think if you wouldn’t cut a girl why cut a boy? There is a much higher chance of complications from circumcision than the child actually needing the circumcision.

I think if one son is circumcised the other should be too, so they are the same

Hi, i’m an intact man, I would hate to be circumcised. There is a lot of feeling in the skin that they remove and I don’t see how sex could ever be as good without it. No medical body on earth recommends it and its only the US that encourages it. Where I’m from (Europe) hardly any boys are cut and we don’t have any issues keeping clean or getting infections. In fact we have lower STD and HIV rates than the US.
Europeans stopped circumcising a long time ago (nearly 60 years ago in the UK) because its damaging and it removes an important part of a mans sexual organ.
My body is just that, mine. Its not my mums, my dads their religions or anyone else’s. No one but me should have any say in removing healthy parts from me. Why should my parents have been able to amputate the best part of my body without my consent?
Most men on earth (around 80%) are intact and will never chose to be cut. Its only common because its forced on to children. If adult men don’t want it, then why force it on them as a baby?

The whole “he should look like his dad/brother” argument is silly in my opinion. If you can’t take the time to explain to your children that every persons body is different then your priorities are skewed. If daddy had a ‘big one’ and your son has a ‘little one’ – would you book him in for a penile implant so he looks more like daddy?
Unless medically required, it is an unnecessary cosmetic procedure.
As for the hygiene argument, if you take the time to teach proper hygiene, more often than not he’ll be fine. As has been said, they don’t remove a babies tonsils and appendix at birth ‘just in case’ there are problem later in life either.

I know so many men who have had to have adult circumcisions that I say “if you are not opposed to it and there is a choice – DO IT NOW!”
All these women saying its cruel…. No – cruel is a man who gets laid for the first time when he’s 20 and then finds out the foreskin is too tight and has to have it removed then. That’s cruel.

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As a young dad I've had all my sons circumcised at birth and for me its part of the bonding with my sons. Wouldn't have it any other way.