Any tips for helping newborn sleep alone? (FAQ)


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My little newborn (1 week old) loves sleeping next to me, but it’s hard to get a good nights sleep while worrying I might squish her! Or set her up to encourage bad sleeping habits.

I think hubby is also tired of not having our cuddling time…

Any suggestions on how to gentle ease her into her own bed? Thank you!

xTired Mummy…

Amenah: Wear a top for a day, then lay it in the bassinet as a sheet! The smell will be comforting for her and may help…

Andrea: Bring that baby in bed with you. You can cuddle with your man in other places but the bed. The baby wants to be close to momma. It’s not about you anymore. Baby’s comfort and needs come first.

Krystal: I had similar troubles with Bubby number 2. So I got her a “blankie” (two actually) which I poked down between my boobs while going about the chores so it got to smell like me & her fave part of me! So when I put her into her bassinet she had the smell of me with her. I alternated the two so when she was cuddling one I had the other! It worked a treat for us so may do the same for you. GOOD LUCK X

Meagan: I think that if you can, put her down in her bassinet, but make sure she knows the change of position. It sounds bad and people will be against my thoughts but wake her a little before you put her down. Even if she opens her eyes for a second – so she knows that is where she is. Pat her if she needs comforting. I believe that they get scared waking up somewhere different to where they fell asleep. Worth a thought.

Kayla: You have to think about the fact that your baby has been in your tummy for her entire life. She is only a week old and more than likely has separation anxiety. She doesn’t feel right by herself she. Wants and needs comforted . I understand that you want to spend time with your hubby, but you also have to think that your baby will only be this little once. Good luck!

Emily: Read up on the fourth trimester. Your partner will still be there when you blink and find your little bub a few months older. She needs you most right now.

Amy: Baby sleep cycles are only 10-20mins long your baby maybe waking after one cycle and because she is not where she was when she fell asleep she could be scared or confused. Try putting bub down while still slightly awake and that may help. She will remember that this is where she was before and it is safe. Or maybe a night light?

Kirsten: My 3wo little boy is the same. Lap it up while you can. They grow so fast.
This is my third baby and I’m enjoying him being close to me and he is now starting to be happy having some sleep time in the bassinet. Your baby has just been cuddled and warm for 9 months. She has permanently had the sound of your breathing, your heart beating and your gurgly belly for 9 months.
Night time is the quietest time in a house and she has never experienced such quiet before, she wants yo be close to you and needs your comfort and warmth. She will become happier in her bassinet as she learns that quiet is ok, which she will learn by being comforted by you at times when it’s most quiet and scary for her. You won’t ‘ruin’ her ability to sleep or settle by cosleeping with her. My 3yo has always slept well because he’s always been comforted when he needed it including cosleeping as a baby. He sleeps the whole night through and has done from an early age. Just enjoy your daughter’s closeness and try not to worry x

Kylie: We found a white noise app on my phone in the room helped quite a bit. Babies have so much noise in utero from your blood vessels, heart beat etc, so that could be another reason she wants to be near you. My little girl went to sleep so much better with the white noise app. We only used it for the first 15-20mins of her going to sleep and then we could turn it off. She only needed it for the first 6 weeks or so. Good luck & congratulations on your little girl!

Bek: I used to wrap my bub up nice and tight when I would feed him and then once he fell asleep put him in his bassinet, and then put another blanket on him to tuck him in nice and tight. This seemed to comfort him I would also just rock the bassinet a bit to sooth him, and softly go ‘ssshhhh’ near his ear, he seemed happy enough.

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Please read further into the amazing benefits of co-sleeping, it is natural for your baby to want to sleep with you, has been inside you for 9 mths! . Some do more than others.. every baby is different .. I tried all sorts of things/advice to get my daughter to sleep at first- drove myself crazy trying to get her to "self settle"(I now detest the term!what is more natural than being held and rocked to sleep by your mother/father..!) Finally gave up and slept together, felt so good and she started sleeping for much longer periods, and then most of night, only waking 1/2 times for brief feed.. I would just roll out of bed once she was asleep...I Gave us a incredible closeness, loved just opening my eyes and seeing her there. Heart to heart parenting, is one of the most brilliant books about raising babies/small children, Pinky Mackay is also wonderful. And if you have been given that awful book "Save our sleep - THROW IT OUT! It is really hard at first, but please try to relax, trust yourself, and enjoy your baby- it will all change so fast and one day you will look back on this special time.