Win a Family Photoshoot - Competition Finished

Win a family Photo Shoot. Cairns and surrounding residents only -(Unless your happy to travel) – She is based in Cairns and the photo shoot will need to be done in Cairns.

Amy Rodd is a is the photographer who took the photo’s of my family that were featured in The Cairns Eye.

Amy is actually studying her doctorate in natural light photography. Yes, that means she will be a doctor in photography one day, how cool is that?

Amy was so amazing to work with she just turned up to my house with a camera in hand. No special lights or gadgets, just her and her camera.

She’s a very relaxed soul, which makes you feel relaxed too.

To win a family photoshoot all you have to do is comment below with your funniest “kid moment” – Funny things they’ve said, Funny things they’ve done etc. – We will announce the winner we think is the best/funniest next week, (Friday 12th of July) – Stay tuned.

Make sure you pop over and say hi to Amy on her fb page too.

You can have a browse through her portfolio here

If you would like to discuss a shoot with her here is her email: [email protected]


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Kristy Vallely is the founder and Creator of the Imperfect Mum.

Kristy believed there needed to be a place that women could go to. Where they could talk and relate. A place they could feel safe. A place they trusted. So The Imperfect Mum was born in June 2011. There was obviously such a need that when the gates 'opened' a huge flurry of women followed. Kristy has always been very passionate about women and the issues they face.

Her passion and determination has helped her carve out a career helping others and creating 'a go to place' for women from all around the world.

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The Imperfect Mum

That is GOLD! Good on Master 5!


My oldest son (5) put yellow texta on my younger sons (4) very much loved stuffed toy and I was trying to get it off. After multiple attempts I was sitting on the lounge with my younger son and I have said (whilst holding the toy and wiping with wet wipes) "sorry sweety mummy can't get the yellow off so it will just need to stay like that sorry", he has turned to face me and said "You've got to keep trying mum, persistance, it means to keep trying." God love him :)

The Imperfect Mum

Ohh sweet!


When my oldest was about 15mths and we couldn't fine his dummy he said to us its the mystery of the dum. Very funny for a baby that was just learning to talk. Lol

The Imperfect Mum

Oh cute!


With 3 kids it's kinda hard to pick the 'funniest' moment, but one that sticks in my head is a conversation between the oldest 2 when the youngest was about 1.
DD - Do you know what a turd is?
DS - Um I think it means a small person
DD - Oh right, so that means James is a turd!!!
After laughing my head off, I had to correct them before they started going around calling their little friends 'turds'!! And I can thank dad for introducing the word to them in the first place!!

The Imperfect Mum


Hayley Schoon

Our friends were moving away to Mackay and asked us if we wanted their trampoline. We agreed to take it off their hands but we were out when they dropped it off, so they left it in our front yard. When we returned home with both kids in the back of the car. Little miss 4 yells out "Holly F#$ck there's a tramp in our yard!". Kids quickly got out of the car and ran to have a jump. While we were left gob smacked. Hubby and I couldn't help but have a laugh!

The Imperfect Mum

That's fuckin hilarious!! - ha ha!

hollie danher

My name is Hollie, I'm a proud imperfect mum to three little ones, Jaxon is 7, Scarlett and Angus are 6 and I'm 8 months pregnant. One day after school Jaxon came and sat with me, he looked worried, "what's wrong Jax?" "My friend at school told me about a scary movie he'd seen about aliens. The aliens lay eggs in peoples stomachs then they burst out and kill everyone." I told him I had seen that movie which was just for adults, it was not real, just a story someone thought up and made it into a movie. After a while he seemed less stressed and gave me a big cuddle, unfortunately at the same tome that my baby started wriggling around in my belly..jaxon looked horrified, screamed and ran out the room yelling "the alien is busting out!! I can't save you mum!!" Pretty sure I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself! Hes felt the baby move before lol that was purely for my entertainment :)

The Imperfect Mum

Ohhh the timing! - That is so funny and cute!

Maria Tuoto Canton

OMG where do I start, my youngest Briella keeps us entertained constantly with the funny things she comes out with. Here is one of the ones that left me speechless - This happened when Briella as 3 & 1/2 & Sebrose was 9. They had an altercation. I asked Briella why she hit Sebrose & she said because she annoyed me, I said you need to keep ur hands & feet to yourself to which she responded "I didn't use my feet or hands I used my fingers" !

The Imperfect Mum

Ha ha! - Well to be exact mum!

Cindy Bosse

You know the toilet training seat that you put on your toilet to make it easier for your toddler to sit on the toilet? Well my son got it stuck around his neck when he was about 2, and my daughter who was 3 at the time was trying to help get it off funny and I even have it captured on camera, they are now 10 and 11 :)

The Imperfect Mum

Ohhh Cindy! - you have to send the photo in!

Cindy Bosse

Oh I should try and download it to the net, the footage is so much more funny than my description of the event, my daughter still teases him about it now lol

Kristy Davis

Funniest moment for me - Wasn't funny at the time, but toilet training moment, I went shopping and was only popping in but my sister decided to go check out the DFO so was there longer than expected, my son wet himself but i only had spare shorts no undies, so just put the shorts on him.. while waiting for my sister to come back, my son runs off into the bonds shop and hides (during toilet training every time he needed to do a poo he would hide and squat) So he comes running out before I could find him and SURPRISE a big plop of poo falls out of his pants (no undies remember) onto the floor right where a couple are happily sitting on a bench outside the bonds shop. I had no wipes NOTHING so I had to scoop that poo up with my hand and carry it while holding my child and take it to the toilet.. no spare clothes. I had to call my sister to buy a new pair of pants and wipes and then call the cleaners. I can't wait to toilet train my second son :) .

Kim Rudd

Wow .. I have so many to choose from ! One that comes immediately to mind is one day we were on the road and Hubby yawned . My daughter aged 4 said "Dad , you are tired." Hubby replies "Yes sweety I might stop for a coffee" Dear daugheter replies "Dad I am tired . I am tired because I have not had my babycinno today "... how precious ! :)

Brooke May Williams

So only a few weeks ago my 20 month old son was in the bath playing with his toys and clapping the bubbles happily. The laundry is right next door to the bathroom so I went in the laundry to put his dirty clothes in the washing machine. To my horror I hear him yell 'ARRRHHHH ARRHHHH!!!!' I go back to the bathroom where I see my son spidermaned to the corner of the bath wall. I say 'what's wrong?' He replies 'ARGHHH' and points to the water. Scooping the bubbles aside I see and touch my charming sons floatie in the bath. I was so mortified and I laughed my ass off at the same time, I freaked out, but not as much as he did. He's not done it since.

Wendy Driver

Oh, I would love to win.We have recently moved to Cairns from Darwin with our 3 children. We were having a snack at Ellis Beach a few weeks ago when our eldest (5 and 6) started arguing over a dollar coin sitting on the table which we were trying to bribe the eldest to pull a loose tooth out with. Mr 5 (who had several dollar coins in his money box, and had received one for knocking out a tooth a few days earlier), proceeded to burst into tears and say.. "That's MY one dollar coin! It's got a one and a kangaroo on it!' Needless to day hubby and I couldn't control our laughter!

Maria Marcelo

When I asked my three year old boy, Nicholas, to help me set the table for dinner, his excuse for not helping me was: Sorry, Mum, I can't, I'm watching the news.

Evie Brookes

When my son was 3- he asked me for an afternoon snack, as I was preparing dinner at the time I said no.
He was far from impressed.

To change the subject I set him up at the table to draw.

He "wrote" me a letter (in 3 year old squiggle)

I asked him to read it to me.

"To Mummy,
I don't like you because you wouldn't give me an afternoon snack.

Love Connor"

Just love how he doesn't like me- yet signs off with "love"


Miss 3 busted in on me while I was on the toilet. Standing there watching, she asked, "why are you putting those stickers (pads) in your knickers?".
A few days later, we were picking up a few things at the shops (one of which was pads). She waited until we were at the checkout, and there was lots of people around until she asked (in her loudest voice for this occasion), "are you getting more stickers for your sore bottom mummy?".
Cue red, embarrassed face from our teenage checkout boy. Think he felt more awkward than mummy if that's possible)

Rebecca mc

Hahahahahaha that's hilarious!


Miss 2 had watched me time and time again feeding and also expressing milk for her baby sister. One night she excitedly asked, "hey mummy, are we playing that milking game again tonight?". Confused, I turned to clarify, to see her with the breast pump pressed against her little chest ;)


We have recently been playing eye spy in the car.
The other day, it was my turn and I said "eye spy with my little eye, something black". Miss 3 couldn't guess so I gave some hints.
First was - its inside the car. Nothing.
Second was - its on daddy somewhere. Still nothing.
So daddy patted his hair (which is black) to give one final, obvious clue.
She very quickly replies, "that's not black, daddy's hair is all grey".
Poor daddy took quite a hit to the ego that day haha

Alanna Kelly

I have a couple of favourites.. My darling 2 and a bit year old son was in the trolley parked next to a rack of bra's.. He saw them got all excited and said ohhh boobie jarmies!!
His funny thing today was when i told him aunty jess had her baby. He looked at me all excited and said uncle bins (Ben) come out now too?


My son 4, once asked me when I was flossing my teeth, "mummy why are you using the same string in your mouth you had in your bum?" (referring to a tampon string he saw once when I was getting dressed as you can never go to the toilet alone)


bwahaha!! be glad he didn't ask you that in public!!!


I thought it would be safe to take a quick shower whilst my 4yr old boy was watching the Wiggles. I just put shampoo in my hair when he came busting in to the bathroom talking loudly and fast and looking a bit excited and worried at the same time. I caught a few words only-"fireman,water, put out the fire". I ran out of the shower naked with shampoo running into my eyes-ouch, terrified there was a fire in my house. I ran around frantically sniffing for smoke. My son had development delays so getting him to tell me the full story took time. In the end, he had been pretending he was a fireman and he had to put the fire out that was in the lounge room, hence he had thrown many cups of water in the direction of the TV and stereo. It took a while to dry everything off, and then I sat down and laughed my head off at it all, and then cried happy tears as it was the first time my boy had used imaginative play.


Beautiful family and gorgeous portraits! These glass portraits would make perfect desk ornaments just like the as glass animals I have at home.