Win a Family Photoshoot - Competition Finished

Win a family Photo Shoot. Cairns and surrounding residents only -(Unless your happy to travel) – She is based in Cairns and the photo shoot will need to be done in Cairns.

Amy Rodd is a is the photographer who took the photo’s of my family that were featured in The Cairns Eye.

Amy is actually studying her doctorate in natural light photography. Yes, that means she will be a doctor in photography one day, how cool is that?

Amy was so amazing to work with she just turned up to my house with a camera in hand. No special lights or gadgets, just her and her camera.

She’s a very relaxed soul, which makes you feel relaxed too.

To win a family photoshoot all you have to do is comment below with your funniest “kid moment” – Funny things they’ve said, Funny things they’ve done etc. – We will announce the winner we think is the best/funniest next week, (Friday 12th of July) – Stay tuned.

Make sure you pop over and say hi to Amy on her fb page too.

You can have a browse through her portfolio here

If you would like to discuss a shoot with her here is her email: [email protected]


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Kristy Vallely is the founder and Creator of the Imperfect Mum.

Kristy believed there needed to be a place that women could go to. Where they could talk and relate. A place they could feel safe. A place they trusted. So The Imperfect Mum was born in June 2011. There was obviously such a need that when the gates 'opened' a huge flurry of women followed. Kristy has always been very passionate about women and the issues they face.

Her passion and determination has helped her carve out a career helping others and creating 'a go to place' for women from all around the world.

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Sacha Maujean

A "funny Kid moment" that just happened last week. My 12 month old baby girl is quite solid, a good eater, eats pretty much anything, including the dog food and the chook food if I don't keep my eye on her. She will browse the back yard until she finds something the dogs have missed and eat it. The other day we were outside having a nice time in the sun, I was trying to feed her some roast chicken pieces but she just wasn't interested, kept turning her head away and saying "no". I gave up after a while and threw the rest of the chicken pieces a couple meters in front of me for the dogs to eat. As soon as my daughter saw me throw the chicken to the dogs she screamed, crawled over to the food as fast as possible and was trying to fight the dogs off so she could eat the chicken! Maybe she thinks she is a dog??? She ate all the chicken and then sat with the dogs staring at me until I went and got some more, will only eat food I now throw onto the ground LOL

The Imperfect Mum

Ha ha!! How cute, what a little munchkin! X

Simone Johnston

We spent a lovely day at Cairns Tropical Zoo with our 2 boys aged 1 and 3. We were intrigued by the cassowaries, koalas, crocodiles and fed and played with the kangaroos. We had a yummy lunch where we had to brush some ants off the table. On the way home I asked Master 3 what his favourite animal was at the zoo. "The ants," he replied.

The Imperfect Mum

Ha ha "the ants" love it. Well you could've just stayed home then.. Ha ha

Lara Edwards

I give Miss 3 her afternoon snack of carrot sticks. A little while later I say to Miss 3 "Can you please pick up your toys before Daddy gets home". Miss 3 replies "Do I have something in my hand right now?". I reply " That is cheeky, you have two hands, you can tidy up with one, eat with the other". Miss 3 says "Lets be honest Mum, you tidy so much better than me, when I do it everything just gets more worser". I give her the Mum stare... she thinks for a moment and says "Mummy, an idea just came into my mind... if I have carrot in one hand then I can tidy up with the other hand, aren't you lucky I thought of that one!"....... just like her father.

The Imperfect Mum

This cracked me up, what a little champ!

Lara Edwards

Look, I'm going to be honest I really shouldnt be in the running for this prize. It should be someone in the Cairns area. Though I LOVE Cairns, I won't be back there for a couple of years... just enjoyed sharing my cheeky daughters story :)

Jessica Nicholson

I'm not sure what the parameters for the session are, but I'd be happy to travel to Cairns in the next 6-12 months (like I need an excuse to go to cairns!!).

My eldest (3years old) was visiting nanny and poppy's house the other week. Poppy got the video camera out and was taping my 2 girls (1 & 3) on the swing together. Miss 3 pepped up and said "Poppy, do you know that poo's come out of your gina (vagina)?". Poppy was speechless, but managed to stumble out "errrrrrrrrm, thanks for that information". Yep, all on tape lol. We'll be showing it at her 18th for sure!

The Imperfect Mum

Oh no, ha ha I could just imagine Poppies face ha ha!!


My 3 year old daughter asked me if butter was made out if butterflies. Cracked me up and still does now

The Imperfect Mum

Oh, that's kinda cute! X

Renate Abra

My 5 yr old son Jack last year at IGA & there's a man in front of us with a metal leg & Jack say's 'Look Mum, that...' I've clamped my hand over his mouth & said 'Mate, I know, but just be quiet.' I take my hand away & he points to the man & say's 'Look Mum, he's got a robot leg.' I'm trying to shoosh him & then he spots the man coming up the aisle & say's & moves in robot mode 'Beep Beep. I'am a Robot.' Followed by his evil laugh, I didn't dare make eye contact with the man.

The Imperfect Mum

Oh, no! Kids will be kids.

Trina Wallwork

This is the third try at posting this...hopefully it won't end up on here 3 times!
I was cuddling my son in bed. I said "You're my little man."
"I not you're little man," he replied, ( he then took a big, sad sounding sigh) " I just a superhero."

The Imperfect Mum

Ohhh terribly cute!!! Little superhero!

Dayna Tonkin

My husband and 2 year old were sitting on the couch the other night... my husband farted and my 2 year old son goes... 'daddy fart!...." then a couple seconds later he goes... all while waving his hand in front of his face... 'daddy stinky!!!!' :) it was priceless! and very true ;)

The Imperfect Mum

Ha ha cute!

DaniellenHarry ...

Cooking dinner while Harry sits in the bottom of the shower, go in about ten minutes later to a flooded bathroom and toilet. In my REALLY, REALLY cranky voice I ask him what the HELL he is thinking....well imagine my surprise when he replies "Mummy I was trying to see if my bum would float!" I just about lost my stuff laughing

The Imperfect Mum

Bahahah - That is so funny!

Tammy Chandler Lee

My DS who is 2 was horrified when he walked in on me on the toilet after I got home from having his sister. Being a good mother I explained that mummy had "woman time" and one day his new sister would get it too. We got ready and left for my DS to see our male neighbour and go into to explain to him "mummy has wooman time and sissy too" I was horrified and said to my DS "darling please we don't tell our neighbours everything mummy tells" later that day I asked him if he needed to go to the toilet he said "no" so I told him to stay with nanny and sissy whilst I went. I got back to hear him tell the waiter "mummies wees and poos potty" what a lovely son I have

The Imperfect Mum

Ha ha!!

Mandii J F Hodder

My master 10 was about 5-6yrs old and when we would visit his poppy (who has false teeth), my son wud be sitting on his poppys lap talkin when he would notice poppys teeth missing, "Poppy.. Your teeth!? Where are they?! (Frowning through his brows) jumps off poppys lap in serious seach for the teeth, once located he would shout "Oh I found them! They are here Poppy!!" And would run out and help poppy put them in, in front of other guests at times too!
He also refused to walk on grass, he would tip toe in an anxious state before freezing a couple of steps and needing to be carried to concrete haha

The Imperfect Mum

Ha ha! - Curte Mandii

Zara Walton

I am a frazzled mumma to four kidlets.. A professional photo shoot would mean I have to shower and brush my hair right? Manage to keep all four children grub free... Hmmmm can't promise anything, but for the sake of looking glam for an afternoon i would bath & nit free my little cherubs!! Right we have all the logistics out the way :~ Let me think which child wins funniest moment, it's a hard one but I'll choose my most cheekiest monkey of all, the TWO year old!!! My daughter is built like a little truck, the blondest of hair, bluest eyes, butter wouldn't melt in her sweet Little mouth :~ All lies she is the most adventures, cheeky, Miss Trouble with a capital T!!! Has us in stitches on a daily basis. Recent events was her coming out of my bedroom wearing a sanitary pad, a maternity one at that (unused thank god "Yicks") Neatly placed into her teeny weeny knickers. She proceeded to sit at the table with us all (dinner time at the zoo) We were all in stitches. She ate her dinner looking at us as if we were crazy. If she is quite she is up to no good. Another time I found her in the toilet bowl, quite content playing/ throwing wet toilet paper all over the wall. Was lucky she didn't go in head first *sigh of relief*. She is such a little character! Thanks for reading :)

Zara Walton

Oh and another one I have is my son asked me "why my boobs are lying down"?
Thanks son I'll leave my self esteem at the door and try not to jam them on my way out :<

The Imperfect Mum

Bahahahaha - booobs lying down! - So funny!

The Imperfect Mum

Oh gosh, you described that so well. I could nearly see it! Cute!

Kelley McIntosh

My funniest moment was recently when I accidently cut myself with nail scissors & screamed out. My 6yr old daughter who was in another room called out, "Did you hit yourself in the nuts Mum?!" I had to let her know that A-Women do not have nuts, only boys & men & B-We call them testicles not nuts. Every time I think of this I have a giggle!!

The Imperfect Mum

Tee hee hee!

Manda Flynn

My goodness I have had trouble choosing, my boy who is turning 3 is always cracking me up with what comes out of his mouth! But today's comment was pretty darn funny! For some reason he refers to 'croutons' (yes the crunch bread in a Caesar salad) as "boobies" we were outside playing and he was pretending to go to the shop and eat the lettuce and boobies lol next minute he let a big burp and said "ahhh mum I burped while eating my boobie!!" Wonder what the neighbors think hahaha made me laugh!!

The Imperfect Mum

Oh Manda, that's gold!

Donna Sale

Last week I escaped for two minutes of peace to go to the toilet. My two and a half year old bursts in "oh good girl mummy! You are so clever!" She then leaves and promptly returns with a sticker "you deserve a sticker for being such a good girl" and places it on my nose.

The Imperfect Mum

Oh, on the nose that's the cutest part of the story!


My eldest son Jayden (5) and I were walking home from school one afternoon, when he saw a curlew and started shouting, I hate you, you stupid curlews! you're keeping me up at night! that made my day.

The Imperfect Mum

Ha ha!

Charmaine Durr

The day my 4yr old son pointed to an indigenous man and said very loudly "Look Mum, a chocolate man!". So embarrassed!

The Imperfect Mum

Oh no! lol


I was pregnant with my second daughter, and my eldest daughter, who was 2.5 at the time, was rather curious as to how her sister was going to get out of mummies tummy. So I explained to her, rather gently that she would come out of Mummies ginny (vagina). She was pretty mortified by that.
A few days later, we were at the video shop (yes, this was in 2005, when people still went to 'video shops'), and the lovely lady behind the counter mentioned that she remembered when I used to come in when I was pregnant with my eldest, who was sitting on my hip at the time. She asked her whether she was excited about being a big sister, to which my daughter replies "That's my baby sister in there, and she's ganna come out my mums gina" OMG. I turned beet red and made a beeline for the door!

The Imperfect Mum

ha ha!!! - CLASSIC!

Trista Robinson

Miss 18 months n I were painting, she decided it tasted nice n kept trying to eat it, after many times of my saying 'no we don't eat it' and taking it off her she decided she had had enough, as I took the paint brush off her, she looked at me n smiled, then lent over n licked the paint straight off the paper. My hubby spat out his coffee n I'm left wondering if I should be proud or scared that she is so determined at such a young age.
my little Turdle.

The Imperfect Mum

Oh, that is very cute and yes, very determined.


Hi! Love love love the photos :)
My funny little moment happened last night :) Just made me chuckle, love these little moments with my kids...
After reading a book in bed, my little girl Lila (3) was clutching her fluffy pink rabbit, and she turns to me very seriously and asks "Mummy, what is rabbity???" Perplexed, i answer "ummm, well i guess it means something is like a rabbit, but isn't a rabbit". She gets a bit frustrated and says "No, mum, what is rabbit-TY, RABBIT-TEA!!", even more bemused, i answer "ummm, i don't know- maybe it is tea made out of rabbits???". Not amused, she asks again, "No, mum! what is rabbity??? Like on the moon?". A-HA! I finally get it. "OH, you mean Gravity!?!". Yes, gravity is what she meant! lol

The Imperfect Mum

Oh very sweet!

Simone Johnston

My 2 year old was clearly taken with my black opaque stockings I had on to wear to work. He was sitting on the floor running his hands over my legs and saying repeatedly "You have your work pants on".

"What does mummy work as?" I asked.


(I'm a teacher btw)

The Imperfect Mum

That's very cute! - Spiderman/Mummy!

Jodie Conduit

i was recently in brisbane with my son and he was in the back seat of the car with his cousin my sister and i went to take the boys out of the car she asked where my nephews sock was and didn't i get the shock of my life when it was hanging out of my sons mouth

The Imperfect Mum

Ohh ha ha little terror! x

Kerri N David

In February my brother and his partner announced they were getting married in July (next weekend actually!!) and would like my princess (5) to be flower girl!

I was so excited and she was too once I explained to her what she had to do, and all about the beautiful princess gown she'd wear. Also explained to her that my nephew will be the ring bearer and will walk with her down the aisle.

After about an hour I walked into her room to find her crying her eyes out! I asked her what was wrong to which she replied "I can't marry him mum I just can't!! He is my cousin you know and I can't leave home yet I am only in Prep!!!"

Bless her little heart lol

I have many more stories as a mother of 4, just thought this one was the sweetest! ;)

The Imperfect Mum

Naaaaaaw that is the cutest story - how beautiful!

Naomi Morris

Nothing too hillarious but last week Husband comes home, does usual leaves work uniform on lounge room floor as he makes his way to kitchen for a cuppa.

Master 5 prompltly comes around the corner and booms "Daddy! Does this look like the laundry basket? No it's a floor, please put your clothes away before you have your hot tea!"

(husband was very lost for words and promptly did his job #firsttimeever!)

lol atleast someone hears my nagging!