What to do with a 1 year old on a rainy day? (FAQ)

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Any suggestions on fun activities to do with my one year old while the weather is bad out there? Thanks SO much! From a trapped mummy.


Hayley: Go out in the back yard and play in the rain?

Catherine: Get some shaving foam and squirt it on the table and let her have a ball with it. It wipes up in seconds too.

Ebony: Build a fort! Couch cushions, bed sheets, anything. And to drag it out, spend time making a picnic and invite some toys to your picnic in the fort. And no one is too young for art n craft. For mess free fun, grab a large snap seal bag, put in a piece of paper and a few paint soaked sponges, seal the bag and let your little one squish, bash, poke away. Good luck!

Julie: Invest in a good rain coat and gum boots for you and bub then go out with your hoodie on and jump in puddles! Don’t forget to take photos as these are priceless in years to come!

Sarah: Mix a small amount of natural food coloring into vanilla yoghurt and let her ‘paint’. If she eats some or if it goes on the table it doesn’t matter and easy to clean up.

Jessica: We got whiteboard markers and drew all over the fridge yesterday  had a ball and comes right off!

Danyelle: Play dough, bake cookies & cupcakes, build a sheet cubby, puppets, if she’s got dolls do some role playing, put some nursery rhymes and music on to dance around to, dress ups, pretend you’re dinosaurs and do the dinosaur stomp, hide and seek, tickle chase, duplo/mega blocks, indoor soft ball/soccer play, find a cardboard box and make a shop, create a sensory box & just have hugs watch the telly

Nicole: Put on some fun music and Dance!

Deb: Bubble blowing, bubble bath – washing dolls in a tiny baby bath. Chalk drawing on the deck, outside undercover area. Drawing with crayons or felts sitting at highchair. Goop – made with corn flour and water. Musical nstruments – dancing and singing. Visit local library and borrow some toys or age appropriate puzzles. Catch up with a girl friend at a coffee shop with kids play area. Baby sitting club – with friends so you look after two kids one week and the next week you get a couple of hours to yourself?! ( while your friend looks after both babies) they keep occupied better together!

Hannah: I used to work as a group leader in the babies room (birth-15months). I used to do colouring and drawing. They loved doing painting with both their fingers and sponges. They also love playing in empty boxes.


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