Losing Weight - 8kg's and 50cm's GONE!

Working with Jenny Craig has been so much fun, EASY and EMPOWERING  for three reasons

1)The Food is sooo GOOD!

I must admit I was concerned about eating pre packed meals as I’m so used to eating fresh meals but I must say this has been one of the biggest surprises because the food is seriously good.

Spinach Frittata


The food actually turns out like the picture; the spinach frittata is so yummy!

The Beef Lasanga
Spinach Cannelloni

Both so good.  I fill up the other half my plate with salad so I’m consuming so much more salad these these days.


2)I’ve made a life- long friend

This is my beautiful consultant Kyle, I call her my weightloss coach because that’s what she is.  I’ve shared so many laughs and also some tears with her.  Weightloss can be quite an emotional journey you have your massive highs and some lows.  The weeks that you don’t lose can be very devastating so you really need that friend that’s going to keep you accountable but also give you a hug or a shoulder to cry on.  I must admit i’ve only had two weeks that I haven’t lost but it was upsetting so we’d sit there and discuss where I could’ve possibly gone wrong. 

Kyle definitely knows her stuff so i’ve learnt so much from her too.  Kyle has lost over 35kgs herself so she know exactly what it’s like.  We’ve got heaps in common because she loves her wine too LOL! I’ve actually stopped drinking wine as it just has too many calories so it wasn’t worth it.  I’ve now traded my occasional weekend social drink to vodka a squeeze of lime and soda water – way less calories.

I feel 100% supported and know she’s got my back.




On my exercise bike

I can’t believe how good I feel both inside and out.  I feel the most confident I have in years and I feel like I can tackle anything now as carrying around extra weight has held me back.  It’s also made me feel like I didn’t hold the power over that part of my life and NOW I DO!

My friend sent this photo to me the other day saying – “wow look how much your face has changed already.  I felt so proud! 

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Her passion and determination has helped her carve out a career helping others and creating 'a go to place' for women from all around the world.

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