I think it’s nasty to discipline my child!

Really??… Really..

I think it’s nasty that you don’t.

This is a post written by a fellow Imperfect Mum.  Who has 3 children, one with Aspergers one with ADHD.

I find it really alarming the amount of parents who struggle with their child being completely out of hand.

It’s your first child and you love them so much that you can’t bring yourself to “be nasty” to them and that’s awesome.

However,  it’s not so awesome when they start school and your child is the one kid in class who isn’t invited to birthday parties, sleepovers or play-dates because they are so unruly.

Parents talk and they will warn each other “don’t invite *insert name*  “he doesn’t listen and disrupts everyone” these parents aren’t being horrible or thoughtless, they simply have enough on their plates looking after the other children in their care and can’t be bothered having that one kid who doesn’t listen.

How awesome will it be when they big enough to do some real damage when they hit you, or when your house is the one that’s avoided because there’s a kid running around yelling, screaming and in general “being a brat”.

Do yourself (and most of all them) a favour by disciplining  them by using the time out chair/naughty corner, do something that teaches your child consequences.

Those families who are featured on Supernanny are there because there was no discipline, consequences or consistency.

In all aspects of a person’s life outside of the home there are choices and consequences, starting with daycare, then school, then uni, a job and even in relationships. CONSEQUENCE the choice, DISCIPLINE the action and GUIDE the decision.

About the Author Yvonne Dempsey

Yvonne is a Mother of 3 living in Tropical, North Queensland by the age of 21 Yvonee was married with 3 children.

She says: “I am in no way the perfect mother, I don’t do the whole baking cakes and keeping a spotless house, but I would like to think that my kids are happy and loved.
My eldest, Jade (11 years) is a very well-behaved girl and always looking after her brothers.
Then there’s Jack (10 years) was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at 4, he’s a very sensitive, friendly boy.
And last of all there’s kobi (8 years) who was just diagnosed with ADHD, he’s a real boy who loves motorbikes, fishing and footy. they can drive me nuts and at times can be right royal turds. But they’re my turds so it’s ok.
I’m very straight forward, and say what I mean and mean what I say. If you ask for my advice then I’ll give it, with no sugar-coating or bullshit as for me and my likes I design tattoos, love reading and drawing, love all animals and I would like to think am very accepting of others peoples choices as long as it doesn’t coincide with being unkind”


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