Holidaying With Kids - My top 6 tips

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As much as I love my family and adore family holidays let’s just be open and honest and admit that holidays really aren’t like they used to be.  Holidaying with kids is just changing locations – ha ha!   But there are some things you can do to make it just that bit more pleasurable. 

1) Everyone should have their own suitcase

Don’t try and travel with a family suitcase (yes we’ve all done it) even if the kids are young they really should have their own suitcases.    It can be a godsend at the airport too as they are occupied by looking for their suitcase on the carousal.  It also gives them independence – kids love it.

Don’t forget to pack

·         Travel games, little hand held puzzles, Ipad’s, small board games – things that are small enough for carry-on or in the front of your car.

·         Medication:  Panadol, bandaids, ear ache medication (especially if they’ll be spending lots of time in the pool.

·         Nappy wipes – These come in very useful when there’s accidental spill or nowhere to wash your hands.


2) Pack food for the flight or drive

When I was a child we did a lot of travelling in the car and my mum would always cook corn silverside for the trip.  She would also toast a loaf of bread and butter it and pack it back into the bread bag.  That way she could feed us on the go and they didn’t have to spend a load of the money on takeaway. 

Obviously for a plane trip it would mean you would pack different things – ie ready made sandwiches, fruit, nuts etc.


3) Choose a Resort with kid stuff

A resort that caters for “kid fun” is high on my agenda.  Pools, waterpark , activities etc.  Laying by the pool and relaxing is brillant and if the kids are entertained with kid stuff - all the better.

We recently stayed at Paradise Resort   FAR OUT - this place was decked out for kids.  As you walked into the foyer there was this massive play gym.  We later discovered a skating rink INSIDE the resort.   The kids had never gone iceskating so you could imagine how impressed they were. 

Play gym at the foyer of Paradise Resort - Kids loved it!
Walking through the Foyer to see this at Paradise Resort - happy kids

Waiting for Planet Chill to open
First time ice-skating

4) Get the kids their own room

I know this one sounds obvious but a lot of the time you don’t think about it but do yourself a favour and spend that bit more to get the kids their own bedroom.  One with a T.V in it is even better.  They can watch cartoons in the morning while you have a sleep in WINNING!  

At Paradise Resort they also have an option of hiring a Xbox some of the rooms have the Xbox already in them.  The shop at the resort lets you swap the games and movies as many times as you like. 

We've got our own room Mum and it has a T.V
This was our comfy bed - ahhh!
We had a sneaky visitor


5) Get the Kids involved

When planning out your itinerary, involve the kids and talk together about the different things that you can do as a family.  Write out the days that you are away and jot down what you’ll be doing on each day.  Keep in mind that kids do get tired so do any big things that require a lot of energy in the morning.  

At our recent stay at paradise resort we planned out the day around the kids activities that the resort put on for free.  The kids loved being apart of the resort community by participating in their activities, they made friends and it kept them busy. 

As you could imagine choosing a resort that had so many activities was great for my husband and I as we could either get involved with what they were doing or we could sit back relax and watch them and even grab a sneaky wine or beer from the bar - EVERYONE was happy!. 

Decorating cupcakes
Lots of yummy stuff to choose from
Playing computer games with Dad in the games room at Paradise Resort

The kids loved the water park at Paradise Resort
Now that's a bucket of water - they're having a ball
Ahhhh I get to sit back with my wine and watch them


6) Choose a resort with a Kids club

Kids clubs are BRILLANT for both the kids and the parents - it’s totally a win/win.  You can book them in and go out to dinner at a nice romantic restaurant, or laze around and watch movies, go shopping.  You know - all the things the kids don’t want to do.  

Magic Garden at Paradise Resort
Space room at Paradise Resort
Underwater World at Paradise Resort

Mummy and Daddy got a chance to visit where we got engaged minus the kiddos - they were having fun at Kids club
Now onto our Mummy and Daddy date night - HAPPY MUM!
He looks happy too - winning!


We had the best family holiday and I think just being that bit more prepared to cater to all of the family needs makes it that much better.  Paradise Resort is a place that looks after everything and it really gave us an opportunity to have a well deserved break.  

I would highly recommend this resort to anyone with kids!

Have I missed anything? what are some tips that you would include?

Kristy, Ben, Maya and Tex






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