Happy Birthday to…..ME!! (xKelly)

So, it’s my birthday today – and normally I ask Kristy if I can put up posts, but — SURPRISE! It’s my birthday! So I can do what I want right?!?! *grins*

I use this line a lot on my special day… do you? Hubby has the day off work (best present EVER!) and he and the kids are cleaning the house as I type (Although, I think he is doing most of it. He is amazing!) :-D

While I love celebrating my special day right next door to the day we celebrate Jesus’ birthday – it does have it’s ups and downs.

I got many a shared present when I was younger ‘because it is expensive’  which I did not like at the time – but now I do! I’d pick quality over quantity these days for sure! Trying to minimise ‘stuff’ these days.

I also remember feeling like Cinderella, cleaning the house on my special day because people were coming over for Christmas. *can you hear the violins??* Now, with my own kids, times have changed. Tee he he!! (I can hear the vacuum… Might write a bit more…)

I never was allowed to have sleep over birthday parties… I guess mum and dad didn’t want santa to deliver other kids presents to our house?? :-)

Finally, icing on the birthday cake, off to bed early so that santa could do his thing. Grr! No wonder I’m not a fan of him now! ha ha!

These days I love having my birthday on this day! Most people are too busy to celebrate, so I get to have my little family all to myself. I love reading birthday texts and messages at the end of the day, and just relaxing before the crazy full day tomorrow. Brekky in bed, starting a new book, feet up all day!

My wonderful (pregnant!) sister threw a joint birthday party for hubby and I last week, so we could celebrate with family – and that is really all I need. I don’t enjoy the spot light on me :-)  (Thanks Heather!! Love YOU!!!)

SO – wanna give me a present?!?!? :-D I would love you to answer a question….

At 32years ‘young’ today- I finding it’s a real middle point age (I think that every year though…)

My kids say “Woah – that’s old!”  - and my Youth group kids are more polite and just nod n smile when I reveal my magic number. High schoolers know everything :-D

But, the ladies at the hairdressers the other day laughed and told me I was “just a baby” :-) I really need to go to the hairdressers more often ;-)

Hairdresser ladies also said “If I knew what I know now, back when I was 32…..” and then drifted off into kind laughter.

But I wasn’t going to settle for this!! I wanted to know what they know now – and so I asked them.

…and now I’m asking you too! What are your life secrets? Any regrets? Things you wish you held closer or let go of sooner? What do you wish someone had told you when you were 32? Save more? Eat less? More friends? Less friends? Wish you had done more or less?

Or, for the younger here, what do you wish you could tell a 32year old?

Thanks Imperfect Mums! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve / Kelly Birthday – I know I will! :-D


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My message to a 32year old me would definitely be...take time to REALLY enjoy your kids...don't put all that pressure on yourself to keep the house tidy for the 'just in case' visitors who never came, especially your over-critical inlaws. Sit with your littlies when they want to drag you away for a cuddle, housework will still be there once they go back out to play. Get down on the floor more often and let their toys on the rug stay there for a while. kLearn to say what you really feel, don't be polite to avoid hurting others feelings, cos really, you're the only one getting hurt by keeping it bottled up. Speak your truth, defend your children with all you have and cherish every moment that will never be again with them...even the ones that drive you crazy!

Kelly De Vries

Oh wow,
I seriously got tears in my eyes reading this! Thank you RedHeadMum. I can tell there is a lot of wisdom and experience in your words and I think I'll print them out for a daily reminder. So beautiful!