Breastfeeding in public - is it appropriate? (FAQ)

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I am just curious – is it inappropriate to sit on a chair outside a shop or in a park /restaurant etc and feed bubs? I generally go to the bathroom and latch him then cover up and walk back to my seat. He is only 2 weeks old so im new to feeding but feels like ppl are staring (mostly looking shocked or disapprovingly) 

Totally fine. I don’t think women should have to go into the toilets etc. How would you like to eat in the toilet lol?

Nope, breast feeding in public/ latching on in public/ breast feeding without covering your babes head or the top of your breast is not inappropriate. If anything, the people who are staring at you disapprovingly are being inappropriate.

I would rather see a woman breastfeeding outside a cafe/restaurant than someone smoking!

I saw an old lady watching me feed in the early days. I assumed she was disapproving. But no, she came up to me and praised me for doing a good job of mothering. Assume the best

I’m a Grandma now and it still blows me out that this is even a subject for discussion such a natural part of life and there is absolutely nothing wrong feeding Your Child in public We fort for this in the sixties why r we still fighting for our rights for something as natural as BREASTFEEDING!!! KEEP FIGHTING WARRIOR WOMAN!!!!!

Flop it out, shove him on, and smile and wave!!

PLEASE don’t go into a toilet to latch your baby! Get those beautiful baby feeding breasts out and feed your hungry baby!
It’s 2013. I don’t know where you live, but they need to get with the program. If you feel very uncomfy, just throw a muslin over you, but I am against it myself. I think that it makes breastfeeding (what your boobs are FOR!) seem rude or dirty or sexy… Let em stare!

Feed everywhere & anywhere you want. I dare some wanker to make a comment to me! Their life wouldnt be worth living. I always try to be discreet. You certainly see more boob at the beach and on the cover of magazines. & Congratulations to you, its not easy to breastfeed!

I got told by a lady once the toilet is over there where u can feed” – I glared at her & said you wouldn’t eat in the toilet, I wouldn’t eat in the toilet so don’t you dare expect my baby girl to! I wanted to punch her in the nose! I fed my daughter for 14 months & I’ve got a son now been feeding for 7 months so far I feed wherever whenever needed its natural anyone who gets offended can get f&$ked

If anyone tries to make you feel uncomfortable, squeeze your loaded gun in their face! (Breast milk, right in the eye!)

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Suanne Sykes

It's not inappropriate, if bub is hungry feed the little cherub however any nakedness can be offensive to some cultures. I personally would throw the muslin cloth or summer bunny rug over my shoulder as I don't want any other weirdo getting an eyeful and also to stop bub being distracted and focus on feeding.