How do you get rid of the dummy? (Toddler FAQ)

This is a FAQ post.  These are the most popular answers to a real question asked on The Imperfect Mum. 

The dreaded dummy! It’s time to go! How did you get rid of it? My toddler continues to chew through them and we are tired of buying new ones… Thanks!!

Tamara: Just throw it out and deal with it the frustration! It will pass – it’s hard but works. Done it with both mine although they were younger… Good luck!

Colleen: Sorry fellow IM… You’re gunna have to suck it up and have a few sleepless nights. What ur doing by giving in to her right now is teaching her that if she throws enough tantrums, she wins. That’s all she is learning…and it’ll continue on for other things pretty soon. Chores? Getting dressed? Making her bed? Yep…on and on it goes.Stick to ur guns IM…it wont take long…just persistence on your behalf.

Kristy: She understands that its broken, so just get her to put it in the bin, once it’s gone it’s gone. It will be tough for a while but it does get better.

Bek: I just got rid of my nearly 2 year olds dummy this week. It was hard but I put my mind to it and stuck to my guns. It’s only been 1 week and we’re like dummy!? What dummy?! He only had it at sleep times though. I cut it and we “discovered” it broken. I got him to put it in the bin and when he asked for it I reminded him it was broken.

Alison: We tied our daughters dum dum to the bed with some rope. She could only suck on it if she went to her room and sat next to her bed lol! After a few days she got sick of going in there and finally just stopped needing it. (Only took a week) ! Good luck!

Sarah: Tell her the dumdum fairy is coming to take it and will leave a lil surprise for her in return…

Kylie: The screaming will only last 3/4 days just tough it out. You will be glad when you did!

Dana: At about 20 months we took our kids to the toy shop and let them pick a toy and buy it with their dummies. I explained to them that once they buy the toy they will not have dummies any more and that means they are big kids now! They never asked for them again and the people at the toy store were more then happy to get rid of them for me and accept them as payment from my children.

Donna: I waited till my daughter was ready…she was 3 and loved her dum…I said if she collected them all for the dummy fairy she could get a goldfish…she spat it out straight away and hasn’t looked back.

Sylwia: I took the dummy of my son at 10mths. Cold turkey and he was fine. I as s child had a dummy up to 24mths and suffered from an overbite which now is costing me a fortune!

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Tahlia Weston

We waited till DD was 3- she put all her dummys out for the fairy and got her birthday. no sooking, no tears, she still talks about it now.

Lea Jordan

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