My own worst enemy

Sometimes we mums are our own worst enemy…

I’m beating myself up at the moment, without any help from anyone else! (So talented right?) *rolls eyes*

I was catching up with a couple of beautiful mums this morning – we had a bunch of kids between us all who were happily playing in the playground while we spoke.

One of the children came up to her mum, with the usual “I’m hungry” complaint, and the mum then proceeded to pull out her wonderfully packed freezer bag of treats and healthy snacks for her child. Her daughter chose the apple :-)

Returning to the playground, my 2yo noticed, and then wanted, so came to me with the same request. She wanted an apple too!

But of course, this super mum didn’t have an apple… *guilt*

In fact, I didn’t have a single snack at all! *guilt, with a side of guilt!*

After the craziness of the morning feeding kids, changing their clothes and then driving the older kids to school – I then proceeded to go onto our location and let my head catch up, instead of remembering to pack food for the remaining non-school people to eat.

My kids took it well, and continued to play, until we were in the car. The kids are now living on the edge now and ready to loose it – and of course there is only one person to be blamed here! So I continue to beat myself up…

The tummy starts groaning and the convenience of drive through opportunities call many times on the way home - those who know me know my battle with Maccas! 

Why can’t I be more organised? Of course I need to pack food! People need to eat. The last thing I want to do with this attitude is go home and have them at me while I prepare food…

So I give into the inner me and hit a drive through…. Boo :-(

And now, finally home and the head is catching up again, I’m attacking myself once more for wasting money and feeding my kids junk. Argh!!

I know the solution is not to sink into this pit though. Beating myself does not and will not help. I can only write it off as a loss, and try to do better next time.

But how? Any tips super mums? Practical help for me to pack food for the whole tribe? (without the fear of old containers of mould sitting in my car to clean later)

Or even, share with me your favourite arsenal against yourself. Then we can laugh at ourselves together… What do you blame yourself for? What monster do you struggle to win against?

T.G.I.F :-) Bring on the weekend….







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Alanna Kelly

Zip Lock Bags!!! I found that I was ALWAYS finding containers in my handbag/ car/ other bags with mouldy god only knows what in them, from day care and weekend adventures. So, I use zip lock bags now, I know they aren't great on the environment but they help my sanity.

I often forget food, but I usually have something in the car, keep a stash of those little bags of rice crackers in your car, or even a mix of dry bikkies in an air tight container.


Ohhhh..... GREAT idea! Adding snacks AND zip lock bags to my shopping list now! Thank you! Anything to reduce the mess and stress I'm a fan of! :-) xKelly


I also do the same and have a box of muesli bars in the car as well

Kylie Ann

I battle daily with the balance of a healthy lunch box vs what my son will actually eat. I feel horrible when he goes to school with pre packaged refined sugar but I have to remind myself that at least he is eating. I've tried the mostly healthy lunch box but then he doesn't eat. He is 8 and he is choosing this as his "this is what I can control" thing at the moment. And FYI you are not the only mum to forget to pack snacks. I did it the other week too. I went to catch up with some friends, like I do every other week. I forgot to take any snacks for Mr 16 months. He was not impressed. I feel your *guilt*

Kelly De Vries

Ah yes - and it's the healthiest that rots the fastest right? I think this is why I battle because the days I do pack the apple, they don't want it, and I find it in a bag days later... GRR!

Good luck with the lunchbox battles! My Mr. 7 is deciding that hand ball is more important then lunch at the moment, and coming home SO hungry. Boys and their battles! Argh!

Lisa Ebeling

Do you know I have an absolute abundance of cute plastic containers in my cupboard, collecting dust! I am hopeless, my DD is at preschool now so I'm a lot better at organising her food, but I think If I had a toddler/non school goer, I'd have to approach his/her food the same way, plan it, pack it, take it with us!
Oh and we do the dreaded drive through VERY often :( I just make up for it at other meals. It's not like we're lazy lol

Kelly De Vries

Yep, got those containers too! :-( (Although, they seem to end up in the sand pits thanks kids!)

I might need to pack 4 lunches each day, regardless of if they are at school or not... Hmm...

Yvonne Dempsey

oh wow that sounds like me :) I started pre-packing a few lunch boxes on shopping days, of course no sandwiches that can go stale, but biscuits, fruit, yoghurt, diced peaches are a good one as well, with 4 of them in the fridge all ready to go, then its just a matter of remembering to grab them when you leave (remembering being the operative) now I do it with their school lunches and they make themselves a jam or vegemite sandwich.


Diced Peaches! Another great one! Thanks :-) My kids love these, so adding to the list...
Remembering? tee he he! :-) xKelly


Buy large amounts of dried fruits and nuts portion it all into paper or plastic bags leave them by the door with a fruit bowl and make it a habit for everybody to grab something on the way out the door. Sometimes we try to do everything ourselves, and we miss an opportunity to teach our kids how to be responsible.


Had they had a healthy breakfast? How many hours had passed? Was it waaaay past lunchtime? Seriously go easy on yourself, kind of concerns me how we feed our kids on demand (I do it myself) years after they have moved away from demand feeding at the breast. Tell them if you had a teaspoon of cement they could have that! PS love Josie's suggestion.


The only thing I can suggest is to have a freezer bag ready the night before, mornings are my worst enemy and even my kids make their lunch before going to bed! Food on the run ;)


You're right! Beating yourself up isn't going to help. But a reminder to make the change :) I normally buy at the supermarket a good nut and dried fruit mix (not too much fruit the sugar is insanely high. We always have fruit on hand in the fruit bowl. So normally while running out the door I grab water bottles, 1-2 pieces of fruit and the nuts container and shove them in my hand bag (Mary Poppins style). Once the habit is created its just like brushing your teeth each day. A habit I don't need to think about it anymore :) Just remember its all about small changes. One at a time :)