Giving parents to kids on the spectrum hope..

Due to the starkness of yesterdays post, I have decided to write a nice heartwarming story.

My family owns a couple of small business in Cairns in one of the business we have an employee who is quite high on the spectrum and in result does not speak.  In fact, in the last 5 years he hasn’t spoken one word.   He communicates via email and online chat.

To be honest at times it was extremely frustrating.  But Dad perservered with this beautiful young man and I am happy to say that his life has completly changed.

He has put on weight, he has friends and he laughs an audible laugh.  The whole team in that business has really taken him under their wing and I’m really proud of them all.

There is also another exceptional man whom works there, he is incredibly clever and very articulate however he is confined to a wheel chair.

He is like any other worker and does a fantastic job, and fits into the team very well.   He amazes me due to the fact that he has such a big personality and doesn’t seem to be affected, or care what others think.  He’s very to the point and noone treats him differently.

Because he isn’t different.  In fact probably smarter than most.  We are all very different, we all have things we are good at and  not good at.

Nothing holds us back except ourselves, these two men are an exceptional example of that.

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Kira Sykes

Oh, this makes me so happy! I have an adult sister who has aspergers, I watched her struggle for years to find someone to give her a go in the workplace, finally her persistence payed off and she has a job, it's not her chosen field but it makes her happy, her workmates and employers have made her feel useful, she has so much more confidence than I have ever seen ... This post touches close to home for me, it has really made my heart smile <3


I wish I could do more. Please let me know what I can do to help