My children keep on climbing into my bed at night! Help! (FAQ)

This is a FAQ post.  These are the most popular answers to a real question asked on The Imperfect Mum. 

How do I get the kids to stay in their bed at night time? This mummy NEEDS her sleep, and it’s difficult with so many arms and legs in the bed!

Annette: I have 6 children and all came to bed with me at some point. It’s nice, but we do need our space. I would hug them for a few minutes and then camly tell them it was time to go back to their own bed. Then I would carry them to bed and give them a hug and settle them back in. It doesn’t last long and it’s nice to be needed by them even if only for such a short time.

Melissa: Just keep taking her back, that’s what I did with mine after 4days she gave up. Just be firm – you’re not a bad mum if you want your space! Now just stick with it!

Karen: Aww she just wants to be close to you and have cuddles! As a mum of older/adult kids I say enjoy it while it lasts cause you will miss it when they grow up

Nicole: My Lg is now 5 yrs she started to do this when we moved. She doesn’t do it as much now but I have always tried to go back to her bed let her settle for 10-15 minutes whatever you can handle. I find I’m wide awake by the 2nd time she comes in. I just keep putting her back in her bed. This happened with both my girls. Safety when the lights are out or low of a night is a big thing. Waking becomes a habit. If they get what they want (Your bed) they will do this always. If they wake and they have to go back to there own bed they learn how to self settle lol. Mine will only come in now if cold or nightmare. Cross fingers this works for you. It’s. A long road this 1. Good luck Xxx

Marlina: I woke up this morning with my 16 month old, 5 yr old and 8 yr old in my bed!! I have used night lights in the past and this has worked, but I obviously have no long term solutions. ha ha! I feel like I haven’t slept in 8 yrs!!! I just think that one day they are not going to want to sleep with mum…

Rebecca: My 6 year old still does it!

Catriona: Mine is doing the same thing! I have set up the cot mattress next to my bed so now he just comes in and settles himself on it next to me… we are all sleeping again and I think its great. In a few months time I will set up a rewards chart for him to encourage him to stay in his own bed.

Bree: Bells on her door so u hear her get up and can go to her room and reassure her. Good luck!

Sonia: Baby gate

Naomi: Keep taking her back. Whilst being firm but loving saying this is her bed and she will wake up all happy after she sleeps there. Make a big deal of it every morning when she wakes. The other thing I tried was a visit from the fairy queen. I told my daughter if she didnt sleep in her bed the fairy queen wouldn’t be able to visit her in her dreams. And she wouldn’t see her glitter trail in the morning. I spent 2 weeks putting a little glitter trail from the window to her bed. I know it wasn’t the truth as I am an adult. But my little girl is innocent and I believe in keeping these beliefs alive for as long as possible. Good luck IM. Xoxo

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