What's the average amount of times you have sex a week? (FAQ)

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What is the average amount of times you have sex a week? Wondering if my husband is getting enough… What is normal?

J: What is this sex you speak of? Lol

S: My husband would say not enough. Lol….

R: I’m 25 and I have 2 kids with a young fit fiancé and I’d be lucky to have sex once a month

P: We maybe manage twice a month. But we both try and make time for each other in many other ways too.

C: Damn it, stop talking about it! I just had a baby last week & cannot wait for sex without a big ol belly in the way!

J: I have to say, I don’t care how much other people have sex. My hubby and I have been together 18 years, 2 kids, both work physical jobs, I run 10 klm every day, clean house, lawns, gardens, dinner, shopping, and we still have sex nearly every night. We make time for it. Forget TV! He had been away for 2 weeks, got home at 2am last night, and we couldn’t wait! My 101 year old Granny, who has been widowed for 33 years told me that the thing she misses most about not having Gramps around was the sex!! Doesn’t matter how old you are….

A: Once or twice a week…. depends on work, kids and activities…

N: 2-3 times a week. It’s not about quantity for us, it’s about quality ;-)

P: A week?? BAHAHAHA!! I’m lucky if I get once a month!

S: A week? Wow. I’d be lucky if we could get in once a month what with an almost 2 year old in the house, work, sporting commitment. We are both just too tired. That said, we always snuggle, love spending time together and enjoy doing the same things. But if we had to pick watching the latest sci fi or sex. We’d choose the sci fi!

J: 3-4 times a week on average. We have three boys and we only get it in after they’re all in bed. I’ve also realised since having kids that we have to either be quick/inventive/both lol

S: The number doesn’t matter, each person has a different life story.

M: 2 times a month ….. My poor husband lol

F: Times like this I thank the good Lord above that my husband doesn’t have Facebook and has no way of reading this lol lol … At the moment he is content, not to sure he would feel the same if he knew what he COULD be getting lol lol lol

J: We are parents, both work full time, plus big into fitness, married for 7 yrs. On a bad week 4 times on a good week can hit double digits.

A: Used to be 5 times and I’ll be honest now it’s 1-2 sometimes more sometimes less. I have no issues about it – I love the intimacy with my husband but also love down time. I am comfortable with myself and my relationship and when horny go for it, when tired I sleep!

P: The people replying with everyday or a couple times a day, just wondering, do you have kids??!!

N: Anyone watched the 7 days of sex challenge… worth a shot I think

D: It’s certainly harder having a teenager in the house than a toddler! So anywhere from 3-5 times a week.

E: Don’t freak out, or feel bad!! Everyone is different and has different needs/desires/libidos! As long as the number works for both people in the relationship it’s fine for you!! It’s only a worry if there is a mis-match; that can take a bit of negotiating to work out!! Just do it as often as you can; cos it is a natural anti-depressant and creates loving/bonding feelings between couples

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twice a day or at the very least once a day. Been married 15 year, and have 4 children.


D: I only get sex on weekends. When my kids are at their dad's house. And my partner/boyfriend what ever he wants to be be called is in town away from his work. But possibly 4-8 times in a weekend. That being said 2-3 times when he first comes to town and the rest over the course of the weekend. This however doesn't show how much I'd like to have it. (At least twice a day everyday) when I was with my ex I could have had sex maybe once a week or once a month. Being with someone who really cares about you is what makes the sex though. It's not about the quantity but really about the quality.


Pretty much every night. Have been together 13years and LOVE LOVE LOVE sex ... but both work full time so make time for it. We also have 2kids, so have to limit it to the bedroom in most instances , but before kids we would have sex at least twice a day (5 times on weekends) Most sessions around 30mins,but some nights we go for 2hours. Always tired the next day, but the is what keeps us healthy and happy. We even send each other naughty texts through out the day, which is a bit of a turn on. Always look forward to the kids bed time!!! :P


We have a toddler and we both work. So pretty much never. We are both exhausted all the time.

Janie Dennison

My husband went sex when he went it and some time I am not in the mood is this wrong not to have sex my husband