Being made over…. xKelly

So, as most of you would of seen from my status last week – Kristy gave me the absolute privilege to have a ‘make over’

Firstly, thank you SO much Kristy for choosing me! I still laugh as I recall your phone-call about how I’m the perfect candidate, but not cause I need it, but because I spend so much time on the kids, but not that it shows, but I’m always putting others first, but…but… ha ha! :-) You are so kind and thoughtful!

The truth is, and I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t spend much time on me. After getting 4 kids up and fed and ready, the last thing I feel like doing is working on me. I’ve tried that before, and then had to re-fix the kids or the house afterwards because they just-keep-on-moving!! :-) So I fell into the pattern of just giving up the me time in the mornings (Anyone out there relate?)

And so, as my ‘before’ shot will show, my usual look consisted of chucking on some jeans and whatever shirt was clean, hair in a pony tail – out the door!

The day started by taxi driving the 4 kids to all their allocated places, then off to Cairns Central to meet Gerlinda from Mirror Image Consultations. She took my ‘before’ photo, and then we had a chance to sit, have a drink and talk uninterrupted (a treat in itself for mums right? ha ha! I could go home happy now!)

Gerlinda was so warm and easy to talk to – it was like we’d known each other for years instead of minutes!

She asked questions about my personality and what clothes I already liked. She shared about herself and the understanding she had in being a mum (Gerlinda has 3 children herself) We spoke about body shape and dressing to what mine was, as well as what colours I should be looking for in clothes. (after looking through my wardrobe later, it is true that the outfits I was most complimented on were the colours that she said were mine)

I soon realised her goal today wasn’t to change me. It was to find me – and then wear me on the outside…

She didn’t say what I already knew – like I needed to work on my mummy tummy or cover the worn out parts of my body *phew* But instead, focused on the assets she saw and wearing items that complimented them instead. It really opened my eyes and I will be forever thankful to her for this!

After our drinks, we hit the shops! I myself am not a big clothes shopper and don’t enjoy it – but it was nice having someone else do the looking and choosing and I just had to follow and hit the change rooms and let Gerlinda do what she is clearly great at! She whizzed through Cairns Central, borrowing numerous clothes, shoes, glasses and accessories from the stores.

A quick bite for lunch, then onto ’The Hair Studio’ on Grafton street, where the lovely Karla did her magic! She was lots of fun and was helpful in answering my ‘what happens in 2 days time after it’s washed and I don’t have a personal stylist anymore’ questions too :-) Colour for the hair, and make up for the shoot… you have a lot of work to do Karla!

And yes Karla, I will try to wear my hair out more with your de-frizzing tips! Thank you!

Clothes – done. Hair – done. Make up – done. Selfie in the car – done!

Onto the Cairns Post to meet Brendan for photos! Eeek!

I can’t recall another time I’ve been in photos without my husband next to me or my kids jumping around in front of me to hide behind – and it was quite daunting! White floor and background, bright flashes going off – but I trusted I was in good hands and was thankful Gerlinda was there to remind me to turn / smile / twist my foot more / look comfortable in heels! :-)

Photos all done, we headed back to Cairns Central to collect my $100 gift voucher for the day! Thanks Cairns Central!

And then, as if she hadn’t done enough for me already – Gerlinda joined me in heading back into the shops – to buy something nice to wear to head home and show husband – who had NO idea where I had been all day! I managed to keep it a surprise! Yeay!!

He was indeed VERY surprised and impressed! I gave him a sneak peek of the photos of the shoot and he was also amazed what a bit of colour can do for me!

My only wish was that I had of made plans to take the advice of so many of the Imperfect mums out there – and taken the night off! But I also didn’t want to change who I am. I have four kids, they need their mum, and so we had a great night at home with their dolled up mum. Not matter what I look like, I’m still me, and I like that! :-)

So, my pledge to Gerlinda and Tips for The Other Imperfect Mums like me!

  • I’ve realised a bit of self care in the morning doesn’t take long at all! I have since purchased a lip gloss, which I keep in my car. Once the kids are all strapped in, last minute run backs to the house are done – I put on some gloss just before I start the car. This 30 seconds gives me a chance to breathe after the rush, prepare to be safe and thinking on the roads – and also, mentally, helps me to remember I am beautiful and by just smiling I can brighten someone else’s day also. I will smile more often!
  • If you try on the clothes, and they don’t fit – the fault is the clothes – not you! Don’t beat yourself up that your bum is too big – but realise this dress was made for a different body shape instead and not for you. Wise words Gerlinda! Will help me to enjoy clothes shopping more I hope! I will dislike the clothes instead of myself!
  • If you can’t get a consultation with Gerlinda, ask someone to tell you what your best assets are and try to wear clothes that emphasize these instead. While I can’t show you the final chosen outfits – I can show you one that didn’t make the cut…. This one emphasized parts of me that I didn’t want to be noticed! I will wear clothes that emphasize my good bits!

  • Not everyone is the same! While there are people who enjoy hours in the shops, and having photos taken of them, or enjoy putting on make up – some do not – and that is ok too.  It was lovely to be someone else for a day and I enjoyed the experience – but I’m also glad I’m not a model! I am ok with being me and will gladly leave the spotlight for someone else who wants it! I will learn to embrace who I am!
  • I missed my kids this day! …and I think they missed me too. I know they are still little, and I remind myself they won’t need so much personal help in the future, and so I don’t think I would be able to take big ‘days off’ like this. I do however, think I need to make time to fit in an appointment here or there, to keep myself feeling refreshed and young – as well as a change of scenery, routine and meeting new people. I will schedule appointments in advance to help myself feel bright.
  • The wardrobe changes need not be immediate or expensive. When I got home and saw how many black clothes I owned, I was quite shocked! (Black is apparently not one of my colours!) I have since put them in a bag for now, so that I’m not as tempted to wear them. I bought a couple of great shirts from Cairns Central for a great deal and I also hit the op shops on Saturday morning with the family to buy a few more shirts in my colours. It has brightened my wardrobe already! Gerlinda also posts about local Cairns sales on her Facebook page here – so make sure you ‘like’ that too for great deals! I will remember to add new items to keep my wardrobe fresh!

Changing the outside is only a part of it – I still believe that it is what’s inside that is most important. 

As mums, we already sacrifice so much for our families, but you are worth being looked after too. If you are feeling yucky inside – rushing out and buying a new outfit may only fix that temporarily. Make sure you take the time to stop, think on what makes you special, and take little steps towards letting yourself shine… if I can, then you can too! :-)

What beauty tips have you been told that help you to shine – inside and out?

Check out tomorrow’s Cairns Post to see the finished result of Kelly’s make over….








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The Imperfect Mum

I am soooo proud Kel, what an awesome post!!! One word HOT!!

Kristy xx

Kelly De Vries

Thanks girl! Much much appreciated! xKelly


OMG!!!! I can't even see the whole make over and she looks fantastic!!...What possible fault could you find in yourself wearing that red dress?!You looked fantastic!!

Kelly De Vries

Naw, thanks Naomi! Have had a couple of people tell me to go back and get that one... Red hot! :-) Where would I wear it??? xKelly

kirri white

Gorgeousness! I hope you felt as half as good as you looked. The red dress is killer!!