Aged care, POA, carer issues


Aged care, POA, carer issues

My mum is Power of Attorney and a carer for my grandmother (95). Due to her own health issues, she can no longer care for grandma. Grandma is recently diagnosed with Alzhymers (middle stage), with the hospital declaring her unable to go home and requiring 24/7 care. Grandma has recently gone into an aged care facility.

Mum moved into grandma's house to care for her, approx 18 months ago. She no longer claims the carers allowance since she has stopped her carer duties. She is however, still POA, shared with her nephew.

The house needs to be sold to fund the aged care home. Mum is now being told she must move asap from my grandmothers house, as she can not stay in the house as my grandma no longer lives there, apparently due to laws stating this. (Mum is actively packing and looking to move, she's not trying to stop the sale or stay there)

I have been unable to find any laws that they are accusing her of breaking, nor the reason why she must vacate asap. She is no longer a carer, but still a current POA and most importantly, my grandma's daughter.

We assume she would have until sale - settlement, to move. (House is not even lidted yet) Has anyone been through similar, or does anyone know what laws exactly, mum is being accused of breaking by staying until settlement?

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