Lazer options


Lazer options

I would love lazer hair removal but I have red hair (pubic) and fair on my legs. Has anyone tried lazer with this colouring.

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Casey Spencer

Oh I want to do this so bad

I'm a true ginger down there they glow like the fiery sun ๐ŸŒž ๐Ÿ˜„. My understanding is the hair needs to be dark. So depanding on the shade of red/ginger would affect the end result. Iv been told it wouldn't be that successful as mine are orange. If your more red to auburn, so darker tones, you will get better results.

My advice would be go to the clinic/salon, and have them tell you if it's worth it. Any reputable place will be honest as they don't want bad feed back.


I had 12 months worth a few years ago
It doesnโ€™t get rid of red/blonde hair
It changes the thickness

I have a mix of red/blonde/dark
Mum is Scottish descendant
Dad Turkish descendant

Only blonde hairs like fluff sparse on my legs/under arms

I wax very occasionally