Nursing and confidence

Nursing and confidence

Are you a Mumma bear nurse?
I am in stage 2 of my diploma of nursing and struggling.
The assignment work load i have no issues, I study at night so don't get home till 10 pm which tired me out.
But what I am struggling with is the feeling I won't be good enough. Every week the more we learn the more I feel its all too much.
The teachers are scaring me with what is expected on clinical placement.

I dont want to keep going and fail and waste more money.

We keep being told when you finish, all the responsibility is on you. But they cram so much into 10 weeks learning that I feel its all so rushed.

Are nurses supportive of new grads or are you expected to be confident and know it all once you finish. Will confidence come with time and experience.

Please help a mumma of 4 out.

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I'm not a nurse but I've had quite a few hospital stays and from what I've seen nurses are very supportive of students.
And like any job, I can't imagine them to expect you to know it all the day you graduate.
You will learn so much on placement. And the theory will probably make more sense once you are hands on.
We all are beginners at something. Just give it time.


I learned more in my grad year than my three year degree! A lot is learned on the job. Just remember the diploma means you are an enrolled nurse so are working under a registered nurse