Random question but if you've rented out a house, When selecting applications, through a property manager, how much information from the applications does the property manager give to the landlords?
Just applied for a rental and wondering how much the property manager passes on to the owners for selection?

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Our agent passed on just about everything ie application form, bank statement and references. The only thing they didn’t was our 100 point ID.

Kat Smitheram

The key points my agent gives are

- ages of tenants (and any children)
- joint income
- employment/studies being undertaken
- any centrelink payments
- references (they follow them up then give me a brief) and anything pertinent
- ethnicity/visa if applicable
- any pets
- how long you have been at previous tenancies
- any breaches of agreements in previous tenancies

From this info I can normally get a fair idea if you can afford the property and likely-hood of looking after the place.


Tenancy applications shouldn’t be given to the landlord it has all of your personal identification information. I personally find that being way too intrusive

I personally give the owner a run down of the applicant

Ages of occupants
Their employment (not the company)
The income
How long they have been employed for
And information I have collected from their rental references.
Rent paid
If they were on time
How the property was maintained
Owners sometimes ask about ethnicity