“I thought I was alone in this”

This is an inspirational read, this story is written by a beautiful woman who wished to remain anonymous. She shares her story of being an abandoned young mum who suffers from depression.

This young woman has been through so much, she is truly an inspiration.

- Kristy

I was 17 when I fell pregnant with my now 3yr old little girl. There are many reasons surrounding this occurring but the main one I like to think about is the 16 yr old brother of my partner at the time was very sick and passing.

The last words he said to his brother where that he wanted a niece or nephew, 2 weeks later I was pregnant. I don’t see this as coincidence. However my partner at the time wasn’t all that thrilled (not saying i was it was a bit of a shock) he left me high and dry.

I was left to raise and provide for my daughter on my own at 17. I think I did ok, I didn’t move back home, I got my own place, I put everything I had towards her sometimes to the point where I would forego food so she didn’t have to go without something she needed.

"I didn’t realise it at the time but i was slowly sinking deeper into the black hole of depression that had chased me my whole life."

When my daughter was one and a half I met the love of my life and things started to pick up. I was in love, my daughter finally had a father (as he had fallen in love with her and we are now going through the channels to adopt her) and I had gained a beautiful step daughter.

Things where in a good place and yet I was constantly slipping back into my dark place. This worried my partner as all through my teen years I was a self harmer and still to this day have trouble fighting the urge to start again as a way to cope my partner was afraid of me starting again and urged me to see a doctor.

Which i did. I was then diagnosed with depression. I was so ashamed. I thought I was so alone in this. That it was only me that suffered.

I thought that I had done something wrong, I never once thought it could just be a chemical imbalance or due to the extremes I went through as a teen.

The Imperfect Mum has helped me in so many ways with coping and realizing that I am not the only one to suffer from depression and it is not my fault.

Thank you so much for helping me without even knowing that you have. I have since had another little man and felt comfortable enough to admit I was having some difficulties with depression through my pregnancy.

This was a small way thanks to so many of you, who have been braver than me and shared your story. You have helped me see that it is a part of me but it is not who I am, so thank you. Thank you so much.

- Anonymous

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Honey...if there's one thing i have learned....it's that you are never alone and you should never be ashamed. stay brave and strong and face your demons in the best way you can. and always remember to take care of yourself because YOU are important too!! much love xx

The Imperfect Mum

Beautiful message! X

Kate Gough

Thank you for sharing... I want to say that you are not alone but I don't want that to diminish from your story and your experiences... you have been through things that are truly unique to yourself and for that you are to be commended and supported, IM. We are so blessed that you are apart of the IM community. Best of luck and please post if you need any more advice/ support.

The Imperfect Mum

Kate you are truly beautiful from the inside out, we are blessed to have you in our community. Xx

The Imperfect Mum

Kate, you are truly beautiful, from the inside out. Thank you xx


Thank you for sharing this it helps show that we are all human & need support & having depression does not make us a bad person.. We are sick & just dont always realise until someone helps us see it. I am so glad to hear that someone helped her see it & helped her get the help needed.