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Education Questions

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Hi Mummas just looking for some suggestions. I have a 12 year old boy who is falling behind at school. His teacher is concerned about his reading ability. His lack of reading comprehension is flowing onto other subjects (ie word problems in maths). His teacher has suggested spending some one on one...
Does anyone have any suggestions about my daughter? She’s 5 and in prep. She’s always had issues at home with going into almost a trance/state where you can’t get her out. You have to leave her for her to settle down. She will throw things, hit, kick you name it. I can’t make her stay in her room,...
Hi IM's I am currently job searching after having been out of the workforce for a few years (most places don't even let you know you haven't been successful in getting an interview, what is that? It wasn't like it when I worked before!). I have expertise in one area but am looking for work that I...

Education Blog Posts

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Our children are our number one priority and we all strive to be the best possible mentor to them. But let’s face it – we cannot do it alone. I like to think of the village approach - each person in your child’s life has something important to contribute towards their future. Building and maintaining strong positive relationships with the key figures in yourchild’s life can enhance and strengthen...
I attended a parent / teacher information last night. And to be honest really didn’t feel like going. After picking the kids up and getting home the last thing I felt like doing was taking myself back there. But I did and I’m happy about it. Look I’m going to cut to the chase. Working in an educational business I am mostly impressed by the amount of parents that come in looking for resources to...
My nephew is at work with us today so I grabbed this educational computer game out. It’s called Targeting Maths. The main educational consultant in the shop raves about it. Her words: “You don’t get any feedback on ordinary products, but this is one product parents rave about and come back to purchase every level as they need it. The best part is, it’s only 20 bucks” You can buy it here It cove​...
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