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Hi IM's. I have been looking into doing a Medical Receptionist course and would like to know if anyone can suggest if they have done this through an online course and if so how long, how much and exactly how long until you got a job in the field? Thanks 😊
Researching ideas! Thinking of starting a business and need some feedback. If a service was offered to plan events for you, would you use it. I would love to specialise in 'at home' functions where you would provide a budget and I would organise and purchase products and cater food/drink/cake...
What jobs are out there for single mums other than teachers aide/teacher that will allow school holidays off? I haven't been in the workforce for 4 years now and I would like to start studying once my youngest is in preschool (hes only 6 months right now) so that by the time they're in prep I can...

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Sporty mums. Tech head mums. CEO mums. Designer mums. We met A LOT of people when the Vibe Israel Mommies toured in September – but I totally love mums and how they seem to run the world with the next generation watching. I wish I could include all the mums we met, but to save you time, here are my top 10! (not including the 4 international bloggers I met there! Love you guys!) I’ve included...
This is a FAQ post. These are the most popular answers to a real question asked on The Imperfect Mum. Any advice for a mum who wants to work from home with her kids? Kelly: There are seriously bugger all legit work from home jobs. If we could all work at home I’m sure we would but the reality is skilled employment requires an actual skilled workforce environment ie. actually getting out there and...
I have been receiving emails from people asking for social media tips so here they are. 1. Work out your theme/purpose I decided early what the purpose/mission for my blog was. So every decision I made from that point was easy. I didn’t need to think too much. When coming up with your direction/theme (“brand” if you like), you need to think about what you want to be “known” for. Whatever you do...
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