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Im having some trouble falling pregnant due to fertility issues caused by PCOS. I'm looking for recommendations from people in Cairns area please. Can anyone recommend a fertility specialist in Cairns or share their positive experience with a cairns doctor. Thanks so much in advance.
Okie dokie last period was 3 weeks ago so im not due yet, my nipples have been tender for 3 days which was my only symptoms with my first baby. I am exhausted like really exhausted i get home from work and doze off before ive even had my dinner. Im not a big eater but i feel hungry all the time but...
Im 30 weeks pregnant, with a 4yo, yesterday i took a bit of a fall and went down on my ankle pretty bad. Didn't land on belly and baby is fine. But my ankle, not so much, ended up in hospital and turns out ive got ligament and muscle damage, i have to wear a compression bandage and im on crutches...
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