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Just wondering if anyone else has gotten pregnant with Implanon in? All week I've been starving, exhausted, moody and had heart burn ( the only other time I get heart burn is when I'm pregnant) I know I should take a test but I have a feeling it's going to be positive and not sure if I am ready to...
Ever since having my last bub a year ago, my periods have been all over the shop. My cycles go from 15 days, 30 days, then 64 days, then 34 days. We are trying for our 3rd (been trying for past 3 months) and with these wacky cycles its making things very difficult. I never know when i ovulate. I...
Hi All, We have a little babe joining our tribe in a month. We have unusal names for our little ones but just wonding if this ones middle name is to feminine for a little lad.... (we dont actually know what we are having) Otis McKenna B.... The middle name is our parents last names mixed. Help...
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