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Hey everyone first time poster but so this mightbe confusing I have the Merina (birth control) in have HD it for 4 and a bit years it's due to come out in April next year.. My question is if it has stopped working early and I do a home pregnancy test will it show a correct positive or negative. I...
Two weeks ago I went for my 18 week scan and found our beautiful baby had no heartbeat. I went to hospital and delivered Bub at 19 weeeks 1 day. We are still waiting for results and currently dont know if Bub was a boy or girl as growth stopped at 12w6d. How do you cope? I can’t sleep, struggle to...
I’m finding the medical advice quite vague on the different pros and cons of birthing methods and would really love to hear what helped other mums to have their best birth. I’m currently pregnant with #2 and considering hypnobirth and/or water birth. For a bit of background my first birth was a...
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