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Started getting contractions at 34 weeks, they were regular, painful although bearable, and nothing i did eased them or changed regularity. So i rang the maturity ward and got told to come in, i was inteed getting contractions, they kept me in overnight and continued to monitor and they gave me...
I need help with sleep! I'm 25 weeks pregnant with my second child. My first I had trouble sleeping early pregnancy due to sciatic type pain in my lower back which subsided early on. Never had an issue the bigger I got, never found I was uncomfortable. This pregnancy, well.. the bigger I'm getting...
I understand this is a touchy subject but plz do not judge others.. i just need advice. Im after advice and stories about abortion especially those after 15wks. Is that even a thing without a real reason as to why? (Ie health risk etc) im in nsw. Ive just found out im 15wks. Advice plz. Did you...
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