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Hi sisters, I'm pregnant with my ex's baby (we split very early on) and now I am back in the dating scene. I'm not showing yet and still early days but should I be upfront before a date or see how it goes? How do I bring it up? Any advice or experience with this would be wonderful.
Hi IMs Is anyone from Melbourne and recently given birth at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton? I will be going public. Just interested to get your experience! This is my 2nd pregnancy but I obviously didn't give birth there the first time around! They apparently don't do tours etc anymore... it makes...
I will be having my 2nd baby at a big tertiary hospital in Melbourne due to medical issues and I was wondering what little pressies etc have people given to the midwives/docs? With my first one, we have a big box of chocolates and flowers but I guess they get heaps of that... Something practical...
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