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Looking for parents who have been through the same or similar. Before I start, yes I am well aware that measurements are only an estimate, I am also aware that projected weights are only an estimate and our baby could have absolutely nothing wrong with him/her and just be a small baby. For those...
Miscarriage or spotting? For the past few days I've been having light/medium bloody discharge that comes and goes but seems to have clots in it. I have also had cramping that is somewhere between period pain and labour pain. I am/was six and a half weeks pregnant. Could I be miscarying or just...
I am currently pregnant with my first baby. At our Morphology scan we were told we were having a girl. I have just had a private 3D scan (not a medical professional) and we were told baby has a penis. I don't know how to feel. I really do love my baby but for about 12 weeks I have been bonding with...
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