How to increase The Feng Shui In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation and harmony, a space that promotes sensual energy. Unfortunately, these areas of the home very easily become dumping grounds for stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else, and extremely neglected in terms of design, all because it’s not usually the room on display to guests. Below are some easy to adapt tips to get your bedroom back in balance by increasing its Feng Shui. 

Keep it Neutral

Neutral colours are perfect for promoting Feng Shui as they are soft on the eyes, creating a soothing, calm atmosphere. Adding accessories and bed linen in neutral tones is an easy addition to meet any budget. Many online furniture stores like Super A Mart have pages dedicated to homewares including rugs and cushions; checking out sites like these will give you a broader understanding of what your options are and what design elements might work best for your bedroom space.

Natural Finishes

Incorporating a natural edge to your bedroom is another great way to increase the Feng Shui in this this space. During the day utilise natural light where possible, and include different levels of lighting at night such as lamps and dimmers. Also, open windows when you can, and add a couple of small plants. These will help to promote natural ambience and oxygen flow throughout the space. 

Perfect Positioning

A big part of Feng Shui is having all elements sitting in harmony with each other. To achieve this, the positioning of your bedroom furniture is vital.Consider traffic movement in and out of your room as it shouldn’t be restricted or awkward. Also, don’tposition your bed directly facing the door and balance it with a bedside table on each side. However, still make sure to position your bed so you can at least see the entryway, as this will create a feeling of safety and provide a less restless sleep.

Just for Sleeping

Many people forget that a bedroom is not your lounge room, so don’t use it as a dumping ground for ‘stuff’. It is a habit for people to leave clothes on desks and chairs, chuck paperwork on the end of your bed, or anything else that doesn’t have a spot. Remove all the clutter immediately and either chuck or store away anything in there that doesn’t belong. As well, remove any technology such as televisions, computers or stereos, as these are a quick way to destroy the Feng Shui of a bedroom. 
It’s easy to forget about your bedroom, as it’s the place you leave first thing in the morning, and the place you don’t often return to until the very end of the night. However, the energy in your room could be affecting everything from your mood to the emotional balance of your relationship. Following some simple steps like the ones above will help to increase your bedroom’s Feng Shui and have you waking up in perfect harmony almost every morning.
Have a close look at your bedroom; what Feng Shui elements are already present, and how do you think you could improve these? Leave your answers below.

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Feng Shui is made up nonsense. This article is completely frivolous and contains nothing remotely sensical. This does take away from your website, if the purpose is to provide good information, and rational, evidence based advice.