Planning With Kids


With 5 children under the age of 11 busy Australian mum Nicole Avery thought nothing of using her 'spare time' late in the evening to start up a blog!

Overwhelmed by the responses to her tips and tricks to organizing family chaos, Nicole decided to spread the word and the result is this handy toolkit for all families without time to just be a family.

Planning With Kids is a parenting book with a difference. Its emphasis is not on telling you how to parent, but to show ways you can become organised to leave more time for parenting.

The philosophy is to streamline the known repetitive tasks of family life (eating, cleaning, getting ready for school etc), so you can then better manage the unpredictable but the inevitable (sick kids, fighting, tantrums etc).

A far cry from other prescriptive parenting books that tell you how to be a mum or dad the focus with this book is pure and simple: implement some strategies to leave more time for parents to be parents and kids to be kids.

The book shares simple ways that you can plan your family life to take the stress out of parenting and running a household: just a little bit of planning can leave more time to spend having fun with the kids, having timeout for yourself, and having time for things to go wrong.

It covers everything from the routines of daily life, to family relationships, to budgeting and finances, play time plus much more!

The book is written so you don’t need to read it in its entirety to derive any benefit, you can read one chapter, then work on the list of actions to take at the end and make a difference to the way your daily family life runs.

Contains a full section on menus and cooking including recipes.

Divided into sections so that readers can dip-in and dip-out for information as they need it as their family expands and grows up!

Planning with Kids will show you how to:

  • plan a month's worth of evening meals in less than an hour
  • use routines to make mornings manageable, evenings easier and 'me time' a reality
  • organise your kids and partner to share in the housework without you nagging.

About the Author

Nicole Avery is the master organiser behind popular blog 'Planning with Kids', where she shares tips and tricks to organising the chaos of family life. This is her first book.