Glue Stick


UHU Magic Blue stick, the convenient, clean and solvent-free glue stick that lets you see where the glue is because it applies in dark blue and dries clear.

 Fast, durable and economical. Its unique screw cap prevents from drying out.   

Washes out easily with cold water.  Spreads easily and sticks immediately. For use in the home, at school and in the office, the large 40 gram stick lasts longer than other glue sticks.



Glues paper, thermal papers, cardboard, labels, Styrofoam®,

Use and Handling Instructions

Apply a visible layer to one side of the assembly, using gentle pressure. Press together - that's it! Colour disappears as the adhesive dries. Washes out easily


  • coloured glue stick, solvent free
  • visible colour on application; clear when dry
  • convenient - clean - economical
  • sticks immediately