Pre-prep Pack


This pre-prep pack allows your child to get familar with the alphabet and will give them a head start in reading & writing. Great way to ease your child into prep!


The full colour layout of Writing Time F is designed to teach, consolidate and extend handwriting knowledge. Writing Time F covers the introduction to handwriting in a clear and structured way. The book includes:

  • A unique, contextual code that helps students learn letter shapes
  • The Queensland Beginner’s Alphabet font and lined guides for copying
  • Songs to focus and

This set of six books are for beginner readers. The repetition of simple sentence patterns and sight words have been used to assist children to first memorise, then later read each book with confidence. Each 14 page reader


A - Z Upper and lower case with real pictures to represent the name of the letter / Left and Right hand examples / Name place card to practice writing their name or other sight words / 0-20 Number examples  


Perfect for childrens art or for scrapbooking memories

  • Product Size:

This high-quality learner's pencil from Staedtler has a jumbo ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy writing and drawing


UHU Magic Blue stick, the convenient, clean and solvent-free glue stick that lets you see where the glue is because it applies in dark blue and dries clear.

 Fast, durable and economical. Its unique screw cap prevents from drying out.   

Washes out easily with cold water.  Spreads easily and sticks immediately. For use in the home


 Westcott have been manufacturing scissors since 1892.  Westcott scissors are renowned for their quality and innovation