Art and Craft


A fabulous kit of crafty resources for creative kids that like to use a bit of everything.  

Kit includes: Feathers, Wool Scraps, Foam Shapes, Joggle Eyes, Straws, Pom Poms, Pipe Cleaners, Pop Sticks, Match Sticks, Patty Pans and PVA Glue.


No more spills, no more mess, no more stress.... just loads of fun for children of all ages. 

These unbreakable


This unique round ‘bulb’ handled short brush is ideal for small hands or children having difficulty gripping the regular style brushes. 


This is a great starter set of 3 brushes, suitable for ages 3 and up.  Each brush has a different


One of our most popular sellers, this set of three small round brushes are made from genuine hog bristle.

Short Wooden Handles.


Finger paints at a fantastic value price - 250ml in a tub.


Finger paints at a fantastic value price - 250ml in a tub.


Finger paints at a fantastic value price - 250ml in a tub.


Finger paints at a fantastic value price - 250ml in a tub.


This pack of 5 x 75ml tubes of Chromacryl Student Acrylics is an essential staple for any budding artist.

Chromacryl has set the benchmark in acrylic paint for school use since 1964.


These round paint palettes are filled with high quality 22mm water colour discs. Includes 18 Colours.


These gorgeous brightly coloured rhinestones are great for decorating all kinds of materials.   The pack contains 850 self-adhesive rhinestones and are super e


Clag Glitter Glue is a non-toxic, non-wrinkle and mess free coloured glue with sparkly glitter through it. 


12 assorted brightly coloured sticks of modelling clay.


Perfect for childrens art or for scrapbooking memories

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Pack of 10 Bright Colours.

Connector Pens have unique child safe caps


This high-quality learner's pencil from Staedtler has a jumbo ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy writing and drawing


Small enough to fit in your pencil case, this 37ml bottle of Clag Kids PVA is perfect size glue for students, or to have on hand at home for small craft projects and homework.

Clag Kids PVA is a non-toxic PVA glue that is non-staining


UHU Magic Blue stick, the convenient, clean and solvent-free glue stick that lets you see where the glue is because it applies in dark blue and dries clear.

 Fast, durable and economical. Its unique screw cap prevents from drying out.   

Washes out easily with cold water.  Spreads easily and sticks immediately. For use in the home


 Westcott have been manufacturing scissors since 1892.  Westcott scissors are renowned for their quality and innovation


    This pack has six groups of beads, each in different shades, shapes and sizes. Includes elastic and colour instructions.

    The beads come in light and dark blue hues, pinks & purples which are a mix of opaque and trasparent, yellow and green beads, opaque and transparent mix of green, turquoise and blue beads, purple, pink and white coloured beads mix and also a red and orange mix of


    From the high quality Swedish craft company Playbox, you get the complete arts & craft experience for your child.