Anti-vaxx Anti-covid (touchy subject)


Anti-vaxx Anti-covid (touchy subject)

We live in a world now where there are so many options on everything, some are strong others don't care, some ore on the fence. Not just with Covid.
I don't know where I stand with the vaccination. I have seen people become sick. I have seen people have bad reactions. Im not going to say im a anti vaccine. My child and I are fully vaccinated in everything. But if it comes a time where I have to have the Covid-19 Vax I will. I let every one have their own opinion and thats my opinion
So where am I going with all this.. I have a dad and a step mum who are anti Vax. And I'm talking to the extream. My step mum left her job as it was a requirement. They don't believe in Covid. But I've meet people with it, of course it is real.
When her colleagues/patients were getting the jab she was saying she felt super tired due to them secreting off to her.
My dad asked how I was feeling after work..I said fine. He said it will come I will soon become tired. I need to protect my self.
I have health issues and in a result I have low iron, I have low vitamin b 12 and D. I do get tired. I get so tired my body aches, and to them it's because of the vaccine in the world. They won't acknowledge that my blood cells are all wrong. It's sad
They have offered to home school my daughter if it comes a time she needs the Vax to go to school.
They won't let me have my opinion. They think im all in with them because we are family.
They have said they are worried for me and will help me out financially when it comes a time I need leave my job. They havnt even thought about my opinion.
My siblings have now been Vax and my dad has said he is devastated as he will never see them again because he can't be hlamed by them secreting off on to him ans his wife.. but they go down town, they see drs etc.. how is that different
They believe this is the Antichrist.

I live away from family my dad and step mum are all I have for support. I'm a full time single working mum. I can't afford before ans after school care so they drop my daughter to school and pick her up. With out them I would be lost.
But they are SO opinionated.
My daughter who is 6 likes to wear a mask because he mum does and she feels different because well that's they way the world is now every one has one. They asked her to take it off. They took it off her when she stayed on the weekend.. it just a mask. She sees it as a toy because he nanny made it for her.

Im so worried that if I get the Vax I will loose all the suport I have. That they will cut me off because they don't want to be effected. It's bogas but that's their opinion and they are aloud it. But why won't they let me have mine.
My daughter is special needs. I hang out for my nights off. We would go crazy if we didn't have them.

I don't know where to go with this? I don't know how to talk top people that are so opinionated that nothing else matters. That are so religious nothing else matters. Im respectful and would never tell them that I don't believe half of the stuff they do. I believe love is love and all that. But again they can't be respectful of me or anyone else. It's sad.
I don't know what I'm asking here maybe just a bit of advice hoe to go about this situation im in with my family

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It’s your body, you decide what you do! Just don’t tell them if you decide to get vaccinated. They don’t need to know, it has nothing to do with them. There is no changing these peoples minds.


This is the problem I've also had with antivaxxers, they're full on and their belief isolate them - everyone else is wrong and dangerous and they can't tolerate it, and I definitely can't tolerate to be around people that want to paint me that way.
I feel for you. I think your solution is to start to build up your network away from them. It's nice to have them but you don't want to have only them.

Casey Spencer

I believe in covid, but I don't think it's essential for every one to have a booster every year for it. I'm worried about the unknown life long complications that may happen on a vaccine that's mostly untested. We are basically guinea pigs, and so far, I don't see any extreme positives for this vaccine with its short and some long term reactions that are far worse then any other vaccine we confidently take due to decade of research, testing and choices. Many countries refuse to use our vaccine due to the high risk of stroke. My father-in-law, suffered several miner strokes in the days following his first astra. He has a long history of strokes and he was talked into having it any way. My best mates father now has full body paralisis after his first astra, and it could be a long time befor he's off life support. To me, at this time, it's just not a risk I'm willing to take, for a virus with such a high recovery rate.


The covid vaccine has been around for 20 years but yet no one cares to look into it. Its not new. It was originally created for sars and stored. It was then tweaked to use for sars Cov - 2.

So much hype mass hysteria brought on by reporters.


You need to look at broadening your support system. Because the support you're currently getting from your dad and his wife is conditional and based on their very extreme views.
You'll end up in a position where you'll have to sacrifice everything you believe in and everything you know to be right just to keep hold of your babysitters.

The problem with religious extremists and covid deniers is that they will not listen to solid fact or logic. Jesus Christ himself would have to materialise in their living room to convince them to see reason, we all know that ain't gonna happen!

Centrelink child care benefits/rebates should be able to help you afford before and after school care. Unless you're earning a lot of money, I can't see why you wouldn't be entitled to some assistance.

If your daughter has additional needs you may be able to access some respite care through the NDIS.

Longer term, moving closer to your more level headed family may be necessary.

If your daughter's father is in the picture (and if he's a safe and reliable person) maybe a shared care arrangement would be more suitable?

I really believe these are steps you need to think about taking now so that when your so called support from your parents stops you won't be left completely out to dry.


Nope, even then they would deny it's Jesus Christ Himself. Solid evidence of any kind does not convince those in denial. They will say He's an imposter. I'm starting to wonder if this is a new age type of yet - to - be diagnosed mental illness of the modern days as it's extremely delusional and dangerous.


You're probably right 😂

And I have wondered the same, this level of delusion and sheer inability to accept fact is not normal! I feel like the access to the internet we have these days doesn't help either. You can have the most absurd, nonsensical, outlandish opinion on literally any topic and you can almost always find someone or something online to support your claim. That's a little frightening honestly!

Either way, it's all the more reason for OP to break away from these people so she isn't so reliant on them.