Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how I feel like I don’t have a place in this world. As in, I have a few good friends that with planning, I could see.

The kids and my husband are my solace and my world. But why does it always look like everyone is having a great time? I mean with their girls weekends away and “me time”. I literally have no spare time in between my family and work.

Everyone says oh find your tribe but how do you exactly do that? Have I just missed the boat?

Is it just social media that feeds this feeling of never being good enough and everyone is in the same boat?

Or is it that I’m not making enough of an effort?

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I feel the same and I'm single too, so no SO like you have and no regular adult to chat things out with. So yeah, you'd probably look at my social media and think I'm a single mum living it up. At the end of the day, as someone at work told me the other day, it's feeling connected, feeling part of a family or network that makes a huge difference to your happiness.


I personally love taking photos.
Not a going out person, but love outdoors, and thankful I live in a stunning natural area.
Hubby is ADHD, we need to do things.

I am probably that person that you are looking at the photos.

I have gotten a lot of flack from family members that say I rub my life in their face.

Its just a photo, a single moment in time.
Not meant in any harmful way, Personally I love taking photos.

You can take a stunning photo just walking the dog.
Perception is we had an amazing day, but really its the sidewalk.

I also am selfish and don’t look at others photos all the time.

A lesson I learnt is you can only make you happy.
Once I started being selfish, I was much happier.

The other thing I did was cull my facebook to a limit of 50 people.
Only have people I actually speak to.
I was ruthless, family members gone.

Joined Instagram for the people who are interested in that same things as me.
But no judgment

My point is look at what you have and enjoy.