Diagnostic Lapcoly Questions


Diagnostic Lapcoly Questions

Hey sisters,

Today I had my diagnostic lap coly finally. I've been left feeling really unsettled after leaving. This is my 7th surgery and nothing was quite as I suspected. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. With everything going on it's hard for me to get answers.

I was going through public and was transfered through Surgery Connect to a private hospital. Originally, I was told I had a 50/50 chance of needing open surgery as they believed my endo had reached my bowel. Multiple ultrasounds showed limited to nil movement of my right ovary and restricted movement of my left.

I've been suffering from pain that prevents me from getting out of bed some days. We have been TCC for almost a year and we've had 1 chemical preg but nothing else. My periods are all over the place and I get just about every other symptom under the sun. I was told by my original gynae that I also had cervicitis and that was contributing to my issues. She suggested I also get a cervical diathermy. She said it was obvious I had adhesions and that the risk of them finding nothing was so slim she wouldn't worry about it. I had a bigger risk of having heavier surgery.

When I got referred, my new surgeon didn't know why I was getting the diathermy and questioned whether she should even do it. When I explained I'd had another bad colposcopy and had a long-standing history of bad paps (1 good pap in 11 years with a history of LLETZ & cin3) she then said she'll see if she gets time. She didn't know any of my history and seemed to shrug it off. She assumed my symptoms and I had to explain that the symptoms she was describing were the least of my problems, despite being the main symptoms of endo. She didn't seem to care to find out more.

I understand the world is in chaos right now and I was lucky to get my surgery at all given the current crisis but it left me on edge and fearing I wouldn't get the treatment I really needed.

When I woke up from surgery, I asked when she would be round to explain what she found. I was told she would not be seeing me and would call me in a week or so to discuss my results. The nurse said she would interpret the results as much as possible for me and explained I had a fibroid that no one had picked up on and it had been removed but that only a small amount of endo had been found. She said they'd taken a biopsy but she isn't sure what of.

10 minutes later I heard my dr discussing surgery results with the lady next to me and then she was about to leave and I caught her eye so she came over. She had her handbag over her shoulder. So she clearly wasn't about to give me a real consult. She handed me pictures of my lap coly and said both my ovaries are healthy and pointed to two egg-shaped masses. She said she found no adhesions at all and when I asked her why my ultrasounds showed that, she said it must have just been a bad time of the month when I got it done. I explained I had had around 4 ultrasounds in 12 months and each showed it, she shrugged and said she doesn't know why but that her findings are "more important" and "the only test results that matter".
I started to cry and asked what the problem was if not endometriosis. She said she's waiting on biopsy test results because she "had to remove something and we need to find out if it is endometriosis before she makes any further comment". She made no mention of a fibroid or growth of any kind. This is literally all she told me.

I questioned again what I was going to do and asked if the whole surgery was pointless. She replied, "well we got the diathermy done, so not completely". I asked her what treatment options I had from here and she replied, "we may have to come back for more surgery, otherwise I'll put you on an antidepressant that acts as an analgesic". When I asked her why I would need more surgery if she thinks there's nothing there, she told me I needed to come back to her office and discuss it with her once I've recovered.

This whole response seems vague and I'm left with so many questions. I know that no one can speak to the particulars of my case but can anyone share any experiences similar and offer some insight?

Thanks in advance.

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Had a diagnostic lap coly. Dr seemed dismissive from the start. She's taken a biopsy but won't tell me what of or what she's testing for. Said she didn't find "much" or "any" endo, but said I'm probably going to need another surgery. Won't tell me why.
Has anyone been through something similar?


I have since had to go to hospital and take more time off work due to complications from the surgery. She chose to go through the belly button despite having agreed that below would be best. This has caused bad nerve problems and I'm on multiple prescription pills to cope.
I was given the wrong bandages and just told to "wait until they fall off probably" by a nurse when I asked about wound aftercare. This is literally the only wound aftercare instructions I was given. The only other aftercare instructions I was given was that I "will not be getting a medical certificate for more than a week because I will be completely normal by then and can go back to doing everything I am used to". I reconfirmed with other medical professionals and they've agreed that's dangerous advice. I shouldn't be heavy lifting, etc.

I wasn't given a review date or time, asked when I should see my gp and was told "we're not sure, we'll be in touch". I asked multiple times for aftercare instructions and avoided having a shower as much as possible as I knew they weren't opsite bandages. The hospital have agreed I made the right choice because the bandages I had could have and would have caused infection if I just went about my business as usual. I've had multiple medical professionals review my bandages and agree they don't understand why I was given the ones I was and it was a dangerous choice on the drs behalf.
I had a 1cm mass taken out which I've now been told was "supposed to be there", which they only realised after having the biopsy done.
They have refused to give me my medical certificate, despite requesting it multiple times. They then also refused to give me a discharge summary and wouldn't send it to my doctor, so my doctor couldn't confirm the dates for a back dated medical certificate.
They found a fibroid but neglected to tell me. When i asked why I wasn't told, she told me it "wasn't worth mentioning", despite me being symptomatic for fibroids.

I've been recommended to go to the Health Ombudsman over the failure to provide basic duty of care.