Studying to be a teacher


Studying to be a teacher

Hi Mummas! I'm wanting to study my Bachelor of Education to become a teacher. I have been working in child care with my Diploma in Children's Services for almost 10 years and am looking for something more at the moment. My questions are:
* How hard would it be to study by correspondence, with 3 small children? Or am I better off studying on campus?
* Any awesome universities to look at with great support? Any to avoid?
* Is there still a 'Regional Placement' at the end of your bachelor? This is not possible with 3 small, primary school aged children and my husband's business. Is there any way around this?
* Did you find it hard to find work at the end of it?
* I am currently living on the Gold Coast and not willing / able to move, due to family. Would out be possible to get local work? Is there much demand?
* How do you go about setting yourself up for supply teaching?
Thanks for any and all help / advice you can provide. I've just started to look into it all and it's been a while since I last studied, so I think I'm getting a bit ahead of myself and overwhelmed :-)

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Stacey Clark

Hi IM.
I have not studied that particular course but recently finished studying Accounting & Bookkeeping and have studied Education Support by correspondence and I'll be honest it was hard at times. I too am a mum of 3, with hubby working long hours most of the week, and me doing all his business books etc.
You have to be very disciplined to get the study done.
With my Accounting course I set a time each week to study, so Sunday's from 3 I studied until dinner time, this worked as Hubby was home and would organise dinner and the kids. They all knew at the time I was locked in my room and not to be disturbed. I also enrolled my toddler into Day Care (More for him but also to give me spare time for me and study).
I only have the 2 school aged children when studying Education Support (I fell pregnant 6mths before finishing) and I was required to complete X amount of hours in a school. Luckily for me I was able to Volunteer at my kids school 1 morning a week, this gave me on the 'job' experience under the guidance of the classroom teacher and principal.

I would look around at different Online Providers, read their reviews, call them to discuss the whole process. I would be guessing whoever you go through wouldn't expect you to travel hours from town to get your Placement hours, it could be a matter of talking to your local schools and going from their (I know a lot of school take 'student' teachers around mid year), might even be worth talking to your kids school.

Check out the Department of Education website in Qld, you would be able to browse there for jobs and get an idea of possible work. (Keep in mind, most schools do not look for teachers until end of year, ready for a new year start).

Don't give up on your dream just because it may seem all a little too hard, stay focussed and you will find a way to make it work. Good Luck1


Not in QLD but am in my final year of a primary education. I have 2 kids aged 1 and 5.
My placements have been local. It can be very hard at times but very worth it!! Call some unis and ask all the questions. They'll happily answer.
Also I study on campus!! Can't do online. I need the pressure of being at uni to make me do the work