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I have been getting the Hello Fresh box for hubby and I for a while now. We love it. We've been challenged to try some new foods. Everything is easy to cook, takes approximately 20 - 45 mins to prepare!! You can sign up too - here is a discount code "N2DWU5" - full disclosure that with this code when you sign up and get your discount I get one too. Head to to choose your box and enter the code at the checkout.

BUT........ the reason for reaching out is that I have, until March, a FREE box to give away. It does require the receiver to "sign up" with a credit card (can be prepaid and have no money on it!) but you can cancel as soon as the freebie is on its way - it is completely flexible and there is no costs involved if they do cancel. I do not get anything in return for giving away this free box.

I am wanting to give the FREE box to someone who needs it. They may be struggling or they may have experienced something that good nutrition and no brainer meal choices will help! I noticed this week there was a lady who said she didn't have even $3 for food for the family! My heart breaks!

You may be this person in need too. You can nominate yourself.

What the recipient is getting is a a free box of food with recipes and virtually everything they need for those recipes (except water, milk, salt, pepper, oil). This weeks family box recipes include Sweet Chilli Chicken Stir Fry, Oregano Chicken, Beef Stroganoff and Warming Boston Beans. Next week there is Shepherds Pie.... YUM!

Of course there is a vegetarian box or a Classic Box otherwise - the classic box feeds 2 people for 3 meals and is less traditional. Its the recipients choice.

I want to give it someone that needs it because if they choose the family box it is 4 meals for 4 persons - or 16 plates of food to share in a household. For an individual or a couple that's a lot of plates of food and for a family its a lot less fuss for 4 whole nights and all for nothing.

So if you know someone that is struggling - I need an email address to send the claim form too and you should PM me with that email address and a very brief description 'why' without breaching privacy! If you want to tell your story in the comments below I'll read these too but I can only give the box away if i have the email address.

I get these offers (to send three free boxes) every few months so the why is more about prioritisation and making sure its going to the right candidate at the right time. My friends and family may not be rich but they have food on their table. I want to use the freebie wisely so that others can say that too at least for one week.

Remember I do not get anything for giving this box away other than a sense of satisfaction for helping someone break even!

In regards to sign up, you can use your email address and put their details in or you can ask their permission for me to send direct.I only have until March to send the free box and I can only send it to one persons email - whether they claim it or not. Please only refer someone who will be willing to accept the box so that it doesn't get wasted!

Its easy to get it. You just click "Claim Your Box" or whatever the new button says in the email, select the type of box you want to receive (I highly recommend the family one as it is the best value for the freebie!) and then enter the details it asks. It will confirm your start date. They can then cancel their account - it asks you to confirm the final date for receipt and they should choose the date they have agreed to receive the free box.

Of course, if they read all about it they'll find its a set value every week or fortnight or however often they want to to receive it, always with the same number of meals for the same number of people and always including almost everything needed for the meal (this means they do not need a pantry full of items - just some oil, milk, butter, salt, pepper, water).

My family are finding we are saving money because three meals a week are a complete no brainer. We have less impulse buys too. But its not for everyone and I get that too.

Again, signing up as a result of enjoying this free box will not result in a credit to me - so this isn't about me getting something in return for giving someone something for free.

If you want or need anymore details or I have missed something in my explanation please let me know - you can PM anytime. I'll make a decision about who to send it to on the weekend. XX

P.S. If any other IM's are with hellofresh and have the same offer and have not given away their boxes and you are willing to do so to someone in need please feel free to join me in this post!

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