Win A Girls W’end Away in Port Douglas

- Competition Now Closed
The Give away includes:
  • 2 night’s accommodation in a QT Two Bedroom Villa
  • Breakfast daily for two in Bazaar restaurant
  • Welcome cocktails for two
  • A one hour spa treatment per person in spaQ, our brand new day spa
  • One dinner for two people in Bazaar, including Bazaar interactive marketplace style dining experience and a bottle of wine
Prizes are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash. 
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To Enter all you need to do is comment below and tell us in 200 words or less about who you would bring and why.  Inspire us with your friendship story.  

I personally would love enter but can’t – OBVIOUSLY ha ha.. The photo below is my bestie and I, she lives on the Gold Coast and I never get to see her.

“When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.” – Henri Noumen

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”

― William Shakespeare




About the Author

Kristy Vallely is the founder and Creator of the Imperfect Mum.

Kristy believed there needed to be a place that women could go to. Where they could talk and relate. A place they could feel safe. A place they trusted. So The Imperfect Mum was born in June 2011. There was obviously such a need that when the gates 'opened' a huge flurry of women followed. Kristy has always been very passionate about women and the issues they face.

Her passion and determination has helped her carve out a career helping others and creating 'a go to place' for women from all around the world.

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Anne Rollins

Hands down, I would take my Bestie, Lucy. We've been friends for 26 years and funnily enough, we seemed to dislike each other when we first met lol!. All it took was a smart move courtesy of our drama teacher to pair us up for a project and our friendship was born! We have been there for each other, cried together, laughed together. Her daughter is my god daughter and my daughters are hers. When we lost our baby son almost 8 yrs ago, along with her incredible support, she floored me when she asked if we needed help with funeral costs. We only live an hour away from each other but work and family commitments keep us apart for great lengths of time. We are avid rugby league fans and every year for State of Origin, we keep the phone companies in business with out constant texting rants about the game! It would be great to win this weekend away so we can have a proper catch up without the kids and for just a short while, not be wives & Mums...just Anne and Lucy. :)


I would bring my friend Faith. I have a 10 month old with a rare neurological disorder. We have been having many horrible invasive tests over the past few months and I have always been able to rely on her for a honest opinion and helpful suggestions. Faith is always able to offer straight forward advice which I have found is exactly what I need during times of extreme stress. I don't know what I would do without her!

Angela McAliece

would bring my best friend Jacqui without a doubt. She has been my best friend
for several years after meeting at work we instantly clicked. She is feisty and
fun which is what I love about her. I love that I am the person she goes to
with all her questions, silly or not there is no judgment. My husband and I
moved to North East Victoria in January 2010, meaning I am now 3 hours away
from my best friend and the only time we catch up is on our fleeting Melbourne
weekend trips amongst all the other family catch ups we have at the same time.
I cried for nearly 2 years over our distance and still miss her like crazy,
just thinking about it makes me tear up.
I hate that I miss so much, she has a little baby boy who is nearly one
and I just miss sharing that with her. Most of all I miss our time to just chill
out and talk about everything, to talk about what’s happening in our lives and
how our husbands drive us crazy. We have been through so much heartbreak and
happiness. I miss her.

Katey Dade O'farrell

My friend Rebecca and I were raised together as we're our mothers before us and our grandmothers remain friends to this day. Together we have loved, lost, rejoiced and suffered. The past few years have been really tough for us both, loosing Rebecca's mother to agressive uterine cancer just a few months after Rebecca gave birth to her daughter. I then lost my grandfather two days after the birth of my second son. We are also both raising some pretty special kids, her Theo has cystic fibrosis and my Jonathan is autistic. Her mum used to say god only ever gives us as much as we can handle, I'm just glad he gave me her to help each other through!


Since i was a baby in her womb shes taken care of me. Always putting me and the family before herself. Theres not one thing she wouldnt do for us. I can not begin to explain all the stuff shes done for us... esp me. Recently ive became a new mum.and have been told i have post natal depression- mums put her job on the line the days ive needed her. She baby sits so i can have a break every now and than. She comes and bring me dinner yo help me out. She provides me with all my needs but most of all she is the one that keeps me breathing. If it wasnt for my mother i wouldnt be here. During my pregnacy i lost all my so called friends. But i have the bestest friend no one can ever take away from me. I cant afford much for her but i would love to spend this weekend away with her. My mum is bloody amazing. ♥

Jess Williams

Meredith and i met at kinder. We literally lived in each others pockets until she was forced to move to QLD in Grade 4 for health reasons. We have stayed in close contact over the years - although we rarely see each other, we speak frequently and its like nothing has ever changed in our friendship. I have only seen her once, briefly, since I got married 5 years ago. It woe be amazing to have some quality time together! And this exhausted mummy needs a break! Haha

Rebecca McCrae

I would bring my sister Jodie. She is my best friend, my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, my partner in both shopping crime and flake shake consumption. She is a second mum to my 3 girls, has helped me come back from the hell of Post Natal Depression and is everything I could wish for in a sister and best friend. I love her to bits and wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't had her for a sister.

Harmony Clark

I would take my amazingly beautiful friend Amy. I meet Amy at mothers group and I thank my lucky stars we meet. We are soul sisters and Amy has helped me through tough times and I honestly don't know where I would be if we hadn't meet. I've never had a friend that's had my back and supported me like Amy has and I would love to take her on this trip because we both need it haha.

Donna Giles

There once was born a little girl,
And another was put in a whirl;
No longer the only child,
Four and a half years old and wild!
But through it all as they grew older,
Their friendship got stronger and bolder.

My big sister has always looked after me,
As anyone who knows us can see.
Our babies born two days apart,
Her kids I love with all my heart.
So with health issues, family and more,
This AWESOME trip we would both adore!!


If i was lucky enough to win this wonderful prize i would surprise my best friend! in the aftermath of having my stillborn son at 34 weeks, i realised i had no girlfriends to lean on for support, until her! The night she picked me up off the floor when i failed to hit my target,after a few too many drinks- the toilet seat of the RSL. Knew she was a keeper!! She has been there through my struggle with crohns disease, helping me raise my beautiful daughter, a true miracle, and the daily ins and out of life, we have realised together that there is a positive in every situation;How we raise our girls. I am so lucky to have her and I'm so lucky and thankful for my wonderful life! I have learnt that Friendship is selfless, pick yourself up when your down and carry on, there is always someone worse off than you and be greatful for the here and now! The little, simple things in life are the important things! Its amazing what having friends and becoming a mother will teach you


I would take my beautiful friend, Tegan. She has stuck by me through so many highs and lows, despite going through so much herself. After one beautiful daughter, a miscarriage and a lift threatening ectopic pregnancy, she was there with me when (after dreaming about becoming a mum myself) I found out that due to endometriosis, I discovered I am unable to have children. This was devestating, and I didn't want to live anymore. But Tegan came along and reminded my of the strong and wonderful person I can be. I love her!!

Brooke Whitworth Palmer

My friend Jess and I each have 2 boys between the ages of 2 & 5. The majority of our conversations are via text message because she lives about an hour away and when we do see each other we hardly get to finish a thought before we hear "I'm thirsty. He's not sharing. I need a bandaid" etc.
I would love to be able to give this trip to Jess to thank her for not only making me feel like a great mum when I've needed it, but also inspiring me to be a greater mum.


I would take my beautiful friend Desma. We first met at uni - me the awkward country girl, her the popular, friendly girl and instantly clicked. Oh she is so bold and so much fun! I love how irreverent she can be and yet it is her kind heart that glows so bright. We have shared the highs of weddings, the lows of gravely ill children and the mundane of raising 3 kids each. Our friendship works so well because we both realise in our "older" age we no longer have the answers of our uni days! Those uni nights no longer work knowing little people will be up early! But I think escaping to Port Douglas we may just reclaim the wisdom of our past to enable us to embrace the present! At least it is a theory we would be willing to explore!

Heidi Clark

I'd love to go with Alana Lanigan another IM. Alana & I met through this page just over a year ago when she was going through the heartbreaking process of her beautiful son first being diagnosed with Autism. I responded to her question shed posted and offered her the opportunity to PM me for more information. From that moment on a our friendship started. Many messages, texts & phone calls later we still haven't met face to face. This opportunity would be life changing. Not only to finally meet each other but also the amazing woman that gave us the avenue to connect :)

Brooke Whitworth Palmer

My friend Jess and I have 2 boys each between the ages of 2 and 5. We live about and hour away from each other and we have the majority of our conversations via text message. When we do manage to see each other we hardly get to finish our thought before we hear "I'm thirsty. He's not sharing. I need a bandaid" etc.
She has supported me as I have fumbled my way through motherhood without ever making me feel judgement or criticism.

I would love to be able to give Jess this trip as a way of saying thankyou for not only making me feel like a great mum when I have really needed it, but also for inspiring me to be an even greater mum too.

Sonia Adams

I would love to win this prize as I could really do with a break. For the last year I have been in and out of hospital with a sick baby. However if I was lucky enough to win i would not go I would send my two best friends Kelly and Kandy. They have been there through all of the ups and downs as my rocks. They both have busy families of their own but never hesitate to help out with mine This would be a great way to say thank you. My fingers are crossed for you ladies xx


Disgusting that someone could down vote a story!!

Natalie Brindley

Yeah I know. I though Titas was really sweet, even I voted for it! All these stories are so heartwarming.

Tita Noah

Thank you for your kind words :) I was made aware someone die ores me also and found it hard to believe someone could be that desperate to win they would do that, so I'm hoping it isn't actually an IM who has also entered because I don't believe the ladies on here would turn and awesome competition into a fierce one. I'm sure all ladies are deserving and even though a holiday would be nice I will congratulate whoever wins! :)

Tita Noah

I just went and voted up all the stories I saw with a down vote ! I don't think anyone's personal story is worth of a down vote!!

The Imperfect Mum

I think it was an accident darl (or let's hope it was) XX

Crystal Plowman

I wish we could see who those ppl are! Unless they are accidentally clicking down via their phone?

Jane Dempsey

Is the winner picked by the amount of votes?

Natalie Brindley

Nah, I think the IM said all entries will be considered on the facebook page, so as long as its posted she will see it and judge, well that's what I thought :-)

Jane Dempsey

Thats what I thought. Thanks Natalie:)

Naomi Owen

I would bring my friend Janelle as we both need a holiday. We have both been in a n emtional unstable relationships and we both would love just to relax and unwind from it all plus we r both new mums and would need time together to get pampered


I would love to go! I've spent the last 12 months battling breast cancer, I'm 31 with two tiny tots, I'm happy to say I'm clear and moving on, but I'd bring my rock and best friend Min, she saw me through every round of chemo, listened when I thought I couldn't take any more and aided me financially when it all got too much! Xxx

Jen McLellan

My story is a little corny. My best friend is called Sarah, but I don't call her that. She's De to me. We met on the first day of grade eight (that's 16 years for those counting). We've had one fight our entire relationship and ran into each other trying to apologise.
She has always been the first one I call with news. Godmother to both my children and someone I would entrust my babies to without question. She is the friend who I don't speak to for months and we pick up as if nothing ever happened. I love this woman like my own blood.
She has been through a crapload these last few years. She works full time while studying nursing. She was at the birth of her niece who was born sleeping and had to identify her father when he was killed in a plane crash.

The reason I want to win this escape for her is she is the kindest, most giving person I know. She needs someone to do something for her. She is always the first to give anything and everything she has if I need it.


I would take my girlfriend Sarah. We may not of know each other for a life time but it feels that way. For me the best kind of friend is the one you can sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had. Just there company is enough.

aleitha lenoy

I would bring my sister Theresa! We have been through alot together! We had a tough childhood being brought up in a domestic violent home! I'm so glad we had each other! She might not know this but she is my rock and I would want nothing in this world other then to share this wonderful weekend away with her! My sister means the world to me!

Elsie Arr

My good friend Kaye
Is the person I’d take
She's thoughtful and kind
And not at all fake

Five years ago
When I was new to this land
She befriended me
With a guiding hand

With no family around me
She made it fairly clear
That I could always call her
Whether far or near

Her life's not been easy
But she still makes the time
To take care of others
And she'd part with her last dime

Surf life saving every weekend
Junior cricket too
She volunteers so selflessly
She's an angel - that is true

She's always there to listen
And offer some advice
Brutally honest sometimes
But usually very nice

A mum to 3 teen kids
So she's always very busy
But usually can find the time
For a drop of some fizzy

Always so accommodating
And should the need arise
A Chardonnay or Pinot Gris
Won't be met with woeful cries

We laugh, we put the world to rights
We cry, we reminisce
A weekend away with my best mate
Would be divine and total bliss

Catherine Miller

If I was to win I would take Rochelle Reid.
I can't say she is my best friend, because we both have our own best friends. I can't say she's a sister, because we both have our own sisters, so I call her my "Truest" friend. The friend who isn't afraid to hurt you with the truth, defend you (even when your wrong), laugh at you when you hurt yourself, and think up hilarious revenge ideas when someone hurts you. Rochelle and I have been each others strength, guidance, and support for as long as I can remember. Now that we have 6 kids between us, I cant remember the last time we had a uninterrupted conversation, and I would love nothing more than to kick back and enjoy a experience like this with someone so deserving.x

Rochelle reid

This is beautiful just like you! Oh the bliss of having some time together alone... Either way we make the most of what we can even with our gorguz kids annoying us lol... Even though we're deserving in our own way I would love nothing more than to see u sit n relax.. You truly are amazing love u with every I possibly can and more! xxx

Leanne Clarke

I would love to take my bestest friend Lauren. Mainly to thank her for being such a wonderful friend. We have been through some tough times with our friendship, but it has flourished wonderfully. She was there for me when my relationship fell apart and I was pregnant and had nowhere to go. Despite how hard it was for her, she opened her house to me. Both our boys have recently been through surgery. We both work, our partners both work shift work and since she has moved to the tablelands, catching up is hard. And as does everyone on here, we would love a girls weekend away x

Melissa johnson

I would take my wonderful mum, she is amazing and is the most selfless person I know she deserves sometime out away from the daily grind. She works really hard and is has no hesitation to look after my kids when I need her, if I was to be lucky enough to win it would be a nice way to say thank you for always being there for me!!

Leaha Membry

My bestie Zoe. We have been friends for 13 yrs but over the last few I don't know what I would have done without her. I have been to hell and back over the last 5 yrs, nearly lost my
House due to a tenant doing $60000 damage, relationship problems to long and bad to go into here all with 4 kids , 2 autoimmune diseases causing pain everyday and through it all Zoe was there. She gave me a key to her home and told me to use it whenever I needed. At one stage took me and my children in, I could go on forever. The biggest thing she gave me was the space to make my own decisions. She never once told me to leave or stay, even though I am sure she wanted to tell me to leave. Never once judged me, never once baged my kids Dad and to me that takes more strength than saying get rid of the arsehole. I can only aspire to be as strong and inspirational as Zoe she is awesome!

Bec Rutherford

I would bring my gorgeous mum, she really is one of my best friends. She is always there for me, happy to drop everything to help me whenever I need it snd our only babysitter for our 4 kids, allowing my husband and I much needed occasional breaks. she is not in the best health but still works incredably hard caring for aged and disable people and then on top of that she is incredably giving of what she has to anyone that needs it.

Amanda Parker

I would love to take my mum, she has always been there for me and my babies, she's been working away for a fair few months now and I haven't seen her and i miss her heaps ( everyone calls me my mums apron strings or her shadow) cause I'm always with her even Thoe I'm 24 haha, this would be a lovely thing to do for her she hasn't been on a holiday in a fair few years this would make her so happy she deserves it :) please pick my mum for the holiday!

Jane Evans

I would take my gorgeous friend Alicia. We only live about 20 minutes away from each other, but we don't see or talk to each other as much as we should given our proximity, but when we do it's like we've just seen each other yesterday. We've known each other for more than 20 years - worked together, travelled together, lived on opposite sides of the world, laughed together, cried together, got drunk together. She's always an emotional rock and always willing to do anything to help out anyone. I would love to spend some quality friendship time with her again. She inspires me to be a good mum.

melissa lloyd

I would bring my friend Melinda. I met her 17 years ago when she was a first time mum of a six week old baby boy. I was working in the child care cente that she enrolled her baby in and she was a single mum having to go back to work. Melinda was happy knowing I loved and cared for her bubba while she was at work. We just clicked and our friendship took off :-) A yrar later I fell pregnant and was also a single mum, Melinda was my roeck she was aleays there for me. Melinda was at the birth of my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th baby. She was there as my bridesmaid when I got married then supporting me when I got devorced. Melinda introduced me to my husband now 5 years ago and I will be forever thankful for her 'set up' I love my bestie to the moon and back!

Cassie Weatherby

I would take my mum Diane. Because my mum is my best friend. I dont have many friends so she is always there to help me even though she has three other kids who depend on her and she works fulltime. I love her and want to show her that i appreciate everything she does for me. Plus she never goes on holidays so it will be good for her :)

Mary Carstens

I would take my husband we have had a roughs few years with our son being diagnosed cancer he still having treatment and finishes in 2014 and hope it doesn't return! we have never been away from our children alone in 25 yrs our olderst 25 and youngest 13

Nikki Smith

Well there is no question which lovely lady I'd choose to take, it's my best friend Bec Carter. I've only known this girl for 2years, but they have been the most amazing 2years of friendship I have ever known! Bec has inspired me in so many ways, health, fitness, attitude, and reminded me that I do have more to offer than just being 'mum'! I'm me again, which in turn has made me a much happier and better person.Bec is also an army wife, so 4 months ago she had to pack up her life here in Brisbane and head off to their next posting, Wagga Wagga! 1500kms away! :( We talk/text each other daily without fail, but I miss this girl SO much! This little get away would be absolutely amazing, and the perfect excuse to catch up in person again!
Please, please pick us! We would be forever grateful..
I love my best friend, my bff, my wifey, my gal! Bec Carter!!

Rhiannon Ronlund

I would take my bestie Hollie Danher. Hollie was there for me when I had triplets as a single mother (with an 18 month old at the time too), she supported me through my son being diagnosed with autism, she stood with me on my wedding day and was my first phonecall when my daughter suddenly died of SIDS in 2011. She dropped everything and caught the next flight to be with me as I prepared to say goodbye to my daughter. She was my rock. Last year she supported me through the very emotional pregnancy of my rainbow baby Finn. Hollie is currently pregnant with her 4th baby and deserves a break. She studied (and graduated) her bachelor of nursing through being a single parent of 3 kids and a few interstate moves. Hollie's had a great year with becoming an RN and meeting her partner but I really want to say thank you for everything she's done for my hubby and I over the years.

Tammy Roskell

I would take my longest and dearest friend of nearly 30 years Susan. We have had our ups and downs as we matured and found our selves but no matter what I know she is there for me. I feel I didn't try hard enough to be there for her when Susan and her young family lost their home and their lifetime of possessions to a fire. Over the last few years Susan has had knock down after knock down but is the strongest person I know and always smiles and gets on with things. Now with her mum battling breast cancer I would love o be able to give her time out and have a long needed catch up as we don't do nearly often enough theses days as we live 6 hours apart time and money always stands in the way.

Chloe Pettersen

I would love to bring my best friend of 15yrs Lee. She jas had a tough timenthe few years and would love to see jer smile again. Myself well 2 girls and another on the way I sure could do with a little break


I would bring my friend Danielle. I haven't had the chance to hang with my bestie friend for 2 years as she currently lives in Cairns with her hubby and 2 kids and I have been a stay at mum to my daughter Hayley 19months so money has been tight. we always make time to have Phone dates though and I know she would always be there for my family and I in a flash. this would be my way of saying Danielle thanks for being you. I love you to the moon and back.

stacey suaesi

I would take my friend Tania. I havent seen her since i left cairns 5 yrs ago. When I left my abusive marriage she would stay in regular contact to check on me and posted me a teddy 'for the hug she would give me if she was with me', a box of chocolates 'for what we would share while talking' & tissues 'for the tears we would cry together' . Im now recently divorced and a single mum of 3 and studying full time; without my friends encouragement and support Id probably stil be a battered wife; they helped me stay strong and put my kids and my needs and saftey first(which is extremely hard to do when u have been in an abusive relationship for a decade).

Jodie Conduit

I would bring my beautiful friend Elizabeth in 2010 my son was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex we didn't really know each other well i had looked after one of her daughters at daycare and we fell pregnant at the same time we had, had a few play dates but that was it but since that diagnosis she has been there for me every single day i have needed it, she has sat in hospitals with me, she has held me while i cried, she has been there when my son has had triumphed and she stepped up at the last minute to be a bridesmaid (she was who i wanted all along but i had already asked someone before my sons diagnosis). i would love the chance to be able to spoil her to say thank you for everything she is done, because without her i dont know how i would have done it at all

Loralie Ware

I would bring my bff of 11 years Sandie. We met through our husbands and were both pregnant at the time. We had our boys 2days apart. We live 3 houses apart which is fabulous , although saying that we could go a couple of weeks without seeing each other because of our busy lifestyles. She is the best friend you could possibly ask for and one of the things I absolutely love is we laugh at the most ridiculous things . Her job is quite demanding so laughter is our best medicine. The other week I sent the kids up there to see if she had a tin of pineapple for our homemade pizza , she didnt but secretly jumped in the car and drove down to the corner shop and bought me a tin. I love her to bits , and if we win we have always said we would love to start a meal with dessert and then the main , who we kidding main would probably be dessert as well..