Monday-itis! Arghhhh!! (by Kelly Aka: IM2)

Serious case of Monday-itis! Can anyone else relate??

Had a full weekend, dropped the older kids to school this morning, and now home to this BOMB of a messy house!

“Looks like a dog’s breakfast!” i can hear my dad say in my head!! ha ha!

What happened here?!? How?!? I don’t remember having a massive party at all, although it sure looks like it! Stuff everywhere!

I’m trying to get better at de-cluttering. Trying to have a place for everything – and I admit I sure am better than what I was – but mornings like this are terrible! What’s the point of it all! Over it!

Wanna chuck in the towel! (and I’m not talking ‘doing washing’ here, although that needs to be looked at too…. Argh!)

…and that’s when I start to spiral.


“Does anyone notice?”

“What’s the point in cleaning, it’s just gonna look the same tomorrow…”

“I can’t believe he left that there! I’ve asked him soo many times!!” (80/20! Ha ha!)

“Why is it always up to me?”

“I almost wish I had some sort of employment, cause then I’d have an excuse for it to look this way!”

“You’re a full time* mum Kelly, and you can’t even keep the house in order!!”


…..down down down.


Suck it up Kell (and once again, NOT in the vacuum sense! Although, that needs to be done too…..ARGH!!)

Snap out of it. You know where this leads, and NO ONE benefits from that!!

Take a time out. Walk the yard. Look for truths. Positive ones. Dig out of this hole.

And today, a big positive for me was the ‘The Imperfect Mum’ community!


There is some sort of lift in knowing we are not alone in this. I think that’s why facebook / twitter / social media is so addictive. Just to here someone else say:


We were not made to be alone, which is why I think I.M keeps people coming back. There is peace in knowing someone else has been through the same pit we are in. So that we know we are not the only ones in this. Someone else has walked through this and survived!

Anyone out there hear me?? Anyone get me on this?? Anyone else get Monday-itis?!?! Can relate to the Bomb house pit??? Can I here a yes from someone?!?! Anyone?!??!

Cause today, I need it!! :-(

And now…. how do you get out?!? Tell me your secrets!! Share!


x Kelly

Full Time Mum is a term I use loosely here. I understand that everyone is a ‘full time mum’ after having kids – no matter if you are working / at home / shopping / trying to go to the bathroom / shared care / having ME time / watching your kids have their own kids…. we never stop being mums do we?? :-)



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Kelly has been enjoying volunteering on The Imperfect Mum page for years now, scheduling questions and working behind the scenes with the forever growing inbox!

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Heidi Clark

Oh hello!!! Mondayitis, I hate it... For me it means going to work. I spent all weekend cleaning the house and sorting stuff out as my partner and I are about to take a shot at cohabitating. Today I didnt want to face work I just wanted to sit back, read a book out in the sunshine. The house still isnt perfect today, but it never will be and I'm ok with that :D

Kelly De Vries

I need to do that more often I think! Just be ok with the way it is! The kids don't notice, so why should I so much?

Thanks Heidi!

Good luck with the cohabitating! (are you making up words?? ha ha!)

Heidi Clark

Possibly Kelly, or could just be a very bad case of atrocious spelling :)


How about everyday-itis?!? Although somehow it feels like it's worse on Mondays, don't you think? Get the kids off to school, thinking 'great they're gone for a few hours' ... and then look around the house and it feels like an impossible task.
I don't have any secrets to deal with it. I guess the only thing I try REALLY hard to do is minimise the creation of chaos in the first place. Teach the kids the pick up after themselves. Teach my husband to pick up after himself. Make myself pick up after myself!!
Of course, everything you have said is true. You are not alone. Lots of us gone through what you have described. Imagine this, maybe one day your children may even thank you and appreciate all the work you have done for them! Keep at it, Kell. Here's to Fridays!!