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Written into The Imperfect Mum Facebook page

Last week I was down the strand in Townsville with my 2 kids just cruising along until my son had a seizure. While i was quickly trying to put my 3 month old in her pram a lady suddenly appeared and quietly asked if I needed help or an ambulance. I assured her I was fine and was well rehearsed in dealing with public seizures. She still stayed.

Sometimes (well most times) seizures are messy and my son often loses control of his bladder and bowels. As I was cleaning him up this kind lady shielded me and my son with my daughters blanket while I cleaned him up.

He was quite drowsy getting up so I carried up all 26kgs - without even asking this lady took my daughters pram and said I’ll help you where’s your car??
On the way to the car I thanked her profusely and said that she was a beautiful person.

She said I normally stay out of other peoples business but I read a story the other week on a page called the imperfect mum and there was this lady who helped another mum at jb hifi with her son who was having a seizure I cried my heart out reading that story and then later that night I jumped online and looked up epilepsy and what to do should I ever come across someone who’s alone or a mum or dad that needs a hand. I was gobsmacked! She strapped my daughter in the car and we said our good byes.

What she didn’t know is that I was the one who wrote that story in…

I guess what goes around comes around…so thank you to Kate (the wonderful lady that helped me and my son) to all the mummas on this page that read that story and finally to Kristy and Kelly for having such a wonderful page

Much love to you.

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Polishing your karma is always a good thing , lucky Kate was there , such a beautiful story.I hope your son was ok.

The Imperfect Mum

Yes, beautiful story hey Trish! XX