Healthy snacks for toddlers? (FAQ)

This is a FAQ post.  These are the most popular answers to a real question asked on The Imperfect Mum. 

I am after some healthy snack ideas for my 15 month old – something other than sandwiches and fruit, as I feel like that’s all she ever eats!

Any recipes you have come across that your L.O’s love? Ones that can be frozen would be great too. She is 16 months old. Thanks!

Kelly: Put some yoghurt in a piping bag and pipe little blobs onto a non stick tray. Freeze them and you have frozen yoghurt drops! My girls love them!

Daina: Mini quiches are my fave – and fast! All you need is your fave filling & 6 eggs! Divide about 1tbs of your filling (cheese, ham, veges – whatever u want!!!) into each piece muffin tray. Beat eggs (u can add a lil milk/water if u want to stretch it further) and pour on filling. Cook in oven (160C) til cooked thru.

Rach: Popcorn is my toddlers favourite

Tammy: Muffins, rice cakes, dried fruit, biscuits such as vita wheats with vegemite, scones, mini quiche, homemade sausage rolls with added veggies

Tiffany: Boiled eggs, I always have a few in the fridge with the date written on the shells, veggie sticks, my kids love cucumber, capsicum and snow peas, tins of tuna, nuts. My kids both love coconut mango custard, which freezes well. Just take a tin of coconut cream and blend it with a cup of frozen mango…yum!

Alana: What about sushi rolls made out of flattened pieces of bread with crusts removed? My kids like them!

Jade: Fritters with corn carrot zucchini grated through and cheese, Mini Quiches,  Zucchini slice, Savory muffins, Pizza muffins, Home made dip and cut celery carrots, Boiled eggs…

Julie: Zucchini slice!

Dana: Banana breads always good!

Kylie: This is where I get a lot of recipes for my kids. Hope it helps!

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Fiona Aberdeen

Home made fruit and yogurt cubes blended together and frozen with mini sticks into them to set