Childhood Vaccinations - Yes or No? (FAQ)

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Just wondering how I get some other parents opinions on vaccinations. I have a 4 year old and an 8 week old. My 4 year has been vaccinated, but I have since read about the bad effects of vaccinating, and am wondering what the process is if were to keep my 8 week old non vaccinated, how do I put him into daycares & school and stuff when the time comes?
And if he isn’t vaccinated, if he ever did contract any one of the diseases that the vaccines are supposed to protect against, what would happen to him?
Chantelle: You should discuss this with a doctor to get all the facts
Megan: I am biased. I am pro vaccination. My daughter was 20 months old when diagnosed with cancer. She was on chemo for 2.5 years leaving her with no immune system. She relied on those around her to be vaccinated to protect her. It’s called herd protection. I couldn’t vaccinate her. I had no choice. If there was a vaccination for cancer I would get it. So why wouldn’t you vaccinate when there are ones available? Seeing your child suffer through an illness is horrible. But knowing you could have prevented it and didn’t do anything about it would be even worse. All my opinion. No judgement x
Rach: If he/she is unvaccinated and catches whooping cough, measles etc, he could die. You need to discuss this with your doctor.
Rebecca: Speaking as a medical scientist and a mother, the benefits of immunising your children far out weighs the negatives. There are different serums that can be used. I urge you to discuss with your Dr and make an informed decision. Many of the anti immunisation websites and groups have little to no medical expertise. (Not saying there isn’t) Good luck with your decision that best suits your family!!
Harmony: I would do a LOT of research from independent sources and speak with doctors etc. Very important to be well informed. I live an organic and natural life no chemicals in home, food etc but I found the pros of vaccinating far outweighed the cons.
Krishelle: Some of those diseases can KILL.
Christy: I recommend watching the documentary ‘Jabbed’ which was on SBS if you want factual information which is backed up with solid science.
Meg: As a registered nurse whose seen babies/children/adults fight for there lives then succumb to a preventable illness I implore you to vaccinate. You will NEVER forgive yourself. And quite frankly the medical profession gets mighty pissed off when we see a beautiful healthy child become very sick, become permanently disabled & even die because their parents who are supposed to protect & love them listened to ill informed advice. Look at the facts. Really. None of this bullshit anti vaccine stuff is legitimate. Btw, if you don’t vaccinate & they get sick will you take them to hospital?
Michelle: I have friends who chose to not vaccinate, they’re children spend more time off School than not with so many different outbreaks. Unless it’s for medical purposes it should be compulsory.
Elisha: I work in a child care center and you will still be able to enrol but centerlink will not give you any child care benefit or any child care rebate so it will cost you a lot of money, as well you will have to sign a waiver stating that if you’re child catches anything that could have been prevented with a vacationing that you won’t press charges. Your child will be excluded from attending when there is disease going around and you will still have to pay for those days as well. We have these in place as some religious beliefs are against vacation.
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Wow IM your bias is showing, it is a shame you only chose to use the pro-vaccination responses when I saw lots of responses that spoke about education and making a decision based on that and not on the word of a pharmaceutical company trying to make money off the health of children. And it is even more of a shame that you have published incorrect information, Elisha states above that if a child is not immunised then you can't get child care benefit or rebate, this is just not true, you certainly do get both of those things. Also while a centre or school can advise you to keep your child home during an outbreak it is incorrect that they can be excluded, that decision is down to the parent alone.