A fellow I’M's thoughts on the need to feel loved.

One of our fellow I.M’s sent this to me yesterday, I think you can really read into this post.  I would have to agree with what Kristin is saying.  It’s what I believe to be so true.

We are from all different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs this is a very beautiful thing.  Love is what I endeavor to foster, that is why we have a code of conduct and that is why our community is so strong.

Words below by Kristen Wall – read more about her on Wedensday.

Yesterday marked 15 years since Princess Diana was tragically killed, in circumstances that still create scepticism and wonder.  If you’re like me, you may remember where you were, how you felt and the absolute heartache of thinking about her two beautiful little boys growing up without their mum.

I wasn’t a mum back then, but I can still remember the pang of saddness that these little boys would feel growing up without their mum.

Now, I’m a mum and it still breaks my heart to see clips of her being interviewed, distressed, unnerved, shattered by her marriage that was clearly in ruins.

I remember a comment she made in one interview ‘the greatest disease this world has, is the feeling of being unloved’… and how true is that?

We are all born into different circumstances, families, sets of values, traditions… we are all different folks from different strokes, but underneath, we are all wanting to be loved.

The beauty of imperfection, as Diana showed us, is that we learn, we grow, we evolve, we are all on journeys at varying stages – she was by no means perfect.  During her journey, she encountered situations that tested her boundaries, her values, her beliefs and her behaviour.

Let’s all take a minute to remember how much we value ‘love’ in our life, how much we strive to give and receive it. Let’s send ‘love’ to all our fellow IM’s and remember that their journeys are important and sometimes sending them ‘love’ and words of encouragement may just make a bigger difference in their world.

We won’t always agree, we won’t always change our views, but opening up our hearts and thoughts to the meaning of love may just make a big impact….


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Amen sista!! Beautifully written! xo

The Imperfect Mum

Nice huh! X

Joanne Ralls

here here to that. very beautifully said :)

The Imperfect Mum

Wasn't it. I loved reading that.


that whole read just gave me goosebumps, well said x

The Imperfect Mum

Yep, it gave me goosies too. Beautiful words - huh! XX

Emily Waldron

very well said <3

The Imperfect Mum


Kristin wall

Thanks ladies...I get so emotional watching the funeral scene when those little princes laid the card on the coffin with 'mummy' on it... Brings the whole thing into perspective hey! Love to u all :)

The Imperfect Mum

Too true darlin xx


So well said and true. Wise words Kristen there needs to me be more people around like you with your way of thinking xx

Kristin Wall

I think we all kinda think that way deep down,sometimes we need a 'jolt' to bring it in to perspective, I got mine yesterday watching these old interviews of Diana
...thanks for reading xx


Thanks for sharing that would be so hard, we too are christians andyes faith is so good