Leaving financial control


Leaving financial control

How do you leave a controlling marriage when you feel so small?

Emotional and financial abuse and restriction.

Need to stay in the capital city due to medical needs. Worried about rent and power and food and phone and gas.

No savings. Currently rent. Due to school need to stay in this area. But it seems impossible.

I want out. But it seems too hard. But living like this is too had.

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You don't mention the city so I'll stay ambiguous. Your needs can't be met in a cheaper regional city? Say you lived in Brisbane, there's Ipswich or Toowoomba, or further up the coast places like Gympie or Bundy, all are cheaper to live in than Brisbane.

The school is not a be all and end all. Defence force kids move all the time, you're only looking at one move so they will settle elsewhere.

The actual how? You do it with help is how you do it. When you don't feel strong you need someone in your corner reminding you what you're working towards here or it's too easy to relapse into the comfort of at least knowing what to expect. Whether for that's friends, family or an organisation that provides this service (or better yet all 3), you do need it. Good luck.