what's wrong with me?


what's wrong with me?

Hi Everyone,

Over the last few months I have felt like things have been falling apart for myself. I moved from a job I loved in Sydney back to wear my partner wanted to live so we could build our house. My partners job doesn't allow him to just move.

Since starting this job I loved it at the start, and had a heap of friends though work. However it now feels as though I am moving apart from these people at work and becoming an outsiders at work. And to put on top of that my hours have been reduced at work as well putting my own financial position has been changed dramatically. They however where able to hire a new person as well. I was understandable upset when I found this out and have felt as though my skills have not been valued in this position.

Am I depressed? Or am I just going through a rough patch. I still go on with my job and my life, but I can't help but feel upset and disappointed about where my life is at the moment.

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